Teacher’s Pet sets the record straight on Pittman’s training abilities

In reply to BornandRaised.

Dogs are truly a great judge of character, several studies have been on it. Do your “homework” before trying to use dogs in an insult. It’s actually a compliment…. I’m curious, how is all of the training under Pittman is worthless? The state instructor signed off, and they were all certified by the Florida Fire College, over half were recruited by other counties almost immediately because the other counties recognized the training and work they did. So how is that worthless? From my research and by actually doing my “homework” I found out that Pittman was allowed to train and teach the members but two outside instructors had to come in and witness the skill sets and sign off on each member. The Fire college does this so there’s no favoritism and as proof that the recruits learned the skills correctly.
Sounds like you, BornandRaised, have moved past your creepy stalker stage and straight into the jealous crazy stage. Who you are doesn’t matter because you haven’t brought anything real or substantial to the table other than random want to be riddles. You are a joke.

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