SPECIAL MEETING WED 11/25/20 12:00 pm

Vice Mayor Anita Rivers called a special meeting on Wednesday November 25, 2020 at 12:00 PM at Town Hall.

The topics of discussion include:

  • the Special Election to be held in January

* Dedication to Kenny Hutcherson – with respect to this, we are uncertain whether it is to place a sign on a road as dedication or something else. You will recall at the behest of Helen Miller, our blog as well as the Rhatt Watch indicated, that without council approval, we paid some $150,000 – $200,000 in wages while Mr. Hutcherson was ill as well as medical insurance for HIM while he was unable to work. Although we had not known about this initially, until we were asked to get 119’s and we did the research, what shocked us is that even though Helen Miller had us secure all the paperwork from Town Hall proving that Mr. Hutcherson took advantage of the Town of White Springs, she made no comments to that but rather wished a sign as a commemoration to his long standing service. We also heard from Tommie Jones that Mr. Whitehead was investigating the theft and insinuated Pam Tomlinson would be in trouble but that never came to fruition. There is so much hypocrisy in this Town god knows what this is about.

  • Approval to Purchase a Flow Meter which needs to be done as soon as possible

  • Approval of Town Resolution 20-19

  • Christmas Parade Theme

There are some more urgent matters outside of the Flow Meter which apparently are not being discussed and for which a special meeting should be called:

  • The ninety (90) day contract for Vanessa George who has been hired but there are no protections to this time for her or for the Town

  • What is being done to have Ms. George be able to handle finances and checks. Ms. George not Mr. Whitehead needs to negotiate with the bank. We Still owe Curt’s Construction $235,000 which has not yet been paid

  • The status of whether the Fire Department has been paid by Hamilton County and whether the Grant Money given for boots gear, etc has been found by the Town and corrected by Mr. Whitehead or Mrs. Brazil and whether checks have gone out as required for the $20,000 under grant. The story by the town was they did not get a copy of the contract. I believe everyone on the council should have heard what Mr. Gay said and it specifically was for the firefighters gear and not to be spent by the Town.

  • Also whether the Nutrien $10,000 and the $700 plus earned at a Swap meet has been returned to the Firemen as a restricted account.

The above are extremely important next to the Flow Meter and yes we need an election but that could wait until the December meeting in my opinion.

Karin for the blog

I guess what is construed an emergency which would warrant a special meeting is all in the eyes of the beholder rather than based on logic.

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