Some White Springs Trivia

Prior Town Manager Bob Farley hired Steve Stith in 2014 for the Fire Chief’s position. Farley did not offer town employees an opportunity   to apply for the Fire Chief job at the time, nor was the job advertised. Bob Farley’s reasoning was that Steve Stith was a town employee and had been selected under the town policy of offering town employees first shot at openings if they qualified, which Stith did at the time. But Stith even admitted, he was not a town employee.

At one time Bob Farley decided he wished new computer software for the town for which the Council ultimately agreed to purchase…although Pam Tomlinson refused to use it. The manner in which he was able to secure the council’s approval was to state there were a couple of houses which were not paying a water bill at all. At the time Joe Griffin made a request under Florida Statute Chapter 119 asking for a listing of those houses or their lot numbers. Farley admitted there was no list so that probably meant he received his new software under false pretenses. Who says he can’t communicate even though communication was the reason he was let go from Live Oak.

At one time Tracy Rodriquenz was utilizing the White Springs Police Department vehicle to patrol the State Farmers Market which was under a contract with her as TLC. When Joe Griffin complained and FDLE decided to investigate because it was the improper use of municipal assets, that is when the Council decided that our Police Chief could take the vehicle to and from work to Jacksonville at the time, so that if she was allowed to use the police vehicle for such usages, Ms. Rodriquenz would not be in violation of FDLE rulings. TO Save Ms. Rodriquenz from a violation, the council provided her with an extremely expensive police car, but the Council, like in the Greene case, has never been very prudent with other people’s money until the well becomes dry which it is now.

Former Town Manager Farley said that a condemnation building demolition permit took the place of the Town’s Land Development Regulations. He had also said that Mr. Auer, the building inspector in Jasper, was responsible for Code Compliance in White Springs. Then he finally admitted in response to two 119 requests that both of his prior statements had no validity and that there was no paperwork to support his prior statements

At one time White Springs also had monetary problems while Money was being spent on various activities that had nothing to do with helping White Springs Residents. We donated to FLOW (Now a defunct organization) which is no longer in existence as well as paying in excess of $25,000 to the University of Florida Students as to a study of the Carver School. Since the School is to be demolished with the new community center in its place, perhaps the original photographs and information could be placed on display as historical information since it did nothing for us at the time, to my knowledge.

When Bob Farley replaced the new software for the Enterprise account, it was found that the State Park had been paying low rates for years since their camping sites opened and other addresses were found where no water or sewer bills were invoiced or meters read. At one time the former head of the zoning board did not pay for her water but ran a hose from her neighbors with other citizens complaining about neighbors who did not pay for their sewer and water. You would think the Town would have kept a list of the special people they chose not to charge, while others had to pay more. And wouldn’t the water readers check their meters? all meters? At least the Software was a great idea no matter how Bob Farley managed to obtain it.

After Robert Townsend was asked to resign after the inmate scenario, he was blamed for all the budget information and its mishandling by the council. My advice to Stacy Tebo is that if Rhett Bullard made you do something you were uncomfortable with, it is time that you speak up or you will be in the same position as Townsend.

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