Some bits and pieces of the meeting

We all love the cute little barber shop that was operated by “Skalp em’ Malcom” Green. And although his daughter Kelly Erkinger wished to retain the property she and her husband Mathew Erkinger have decided they wish to sell the property. However, the property has been zoned commercial which included the residence so it is difficult to sell a residence as commercial. As such a Public Hearing was held in the Council Meeting which provided Ordinances 19-04 and 19-05 splitting the parcel so that the barber shop is zoned commercial and so the residence is zoned as residential.

Kelly stated that her father’s property was on the market for a very long time but they couldn’t sell it as a residence but only commercial but that no one looked at it as a commercial property. It would best be an at Home Business with a shop.

Kelly indicated that there were many photographs taken during the time the barber shop was in operation which are historical and she plans on providing them to the Town of White Springs. Tom Moore showed his extreme gratitude and elation over the offer. He stated this was another sign that we should have a museum in White Springs.

Further he would like the Building at the veteran’s park cleaned up and to get electricity in the building and again will check if we can secure the electricity through the power pole or if we have to dig a trench which will cost much more.. He also said he needs to have “White Springs Veterans Park” painted on the Pavilion because recently he had two ladies ask for a photograph in front of the cute building and there is no way they will know where the photo was taken once they return home.

There were no objections by the Council and the Barber Shop is still commercial on the 4.9 acres.

On another Subject, Arthur Natteal advised the Council that the Black History Festival will not be held in White Springs but rather the event has been shifted to Live Oak. Mayor Helen Miller wished Mr. Natteal to have a successful event in Live Oak and thanked him for apprising us.

The letter to accept J & S Accounting as our auditor to serve two days a month has been completed by our Town Attorney. Tom Moore was thanked for finding this firm so that it may serve us by providing bookkeeping services, a performance audit as well as internal controls. Michael Whitehead will be at the White Springs offices next Tuesday.

Since Pam has taken leave with only a five day notice with no Replacement in sight, our Manager Tommie Jones is looking for bookkeeping services. My suggestion is why not approach one of the schools to see if someone would be willing to work part time in conjunction with their accounting or business studies or by contacting employment agencies for retirees who may wish to work part time.

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