So far only the voice mail of the “Guy from Nigeria”.

We know that Town hall is up to their necks in alligators. As such, unlike our previous Town Manager, staff is handling all of the urgent items and determining exactly where the Town Stands as compared to worrying about security and whose name shows up on the internet or phones.

Yet I must tell you about a phone call Joe received from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
The individual wished to congratulate Vanessa George on becoming White Springs’ Interim Town Manager. The first call we received was “Who is that Tommie who sounds like he is from Nigeria”. “Did you give me the correct number?” Today he responded that he is not pushing any button but number one because he wants the Town Manager and the Guy from Nigeria obviously has taken off on his buffalo. He called yesterday bi hourly and still received “the Guy from Nigeria” and said its time that White Springs answered their phones. Joe advised him to press two or three and that with two he would get the receptionist. He said I am not pushing two, three or four because I want one, so he decided he is no longer going to make the call to the Manager on one.

I have to admit, one had to be there to hear the humor in this story. I know in time, the phones will be fixed and with everything Vanessa has on her plate, it may take a few days.

Karin for the blog

PS We hope that Town hall was able to assist Sammy Dye by allowing him to be connected to electricity. What the town required him to do was ridiculous. Filling up a generator daily to have power is an unsafe manner in which to have power and an electrical connection would have been the best and safest manner. However, Shonda Werts, Tommie Jones “I am the manager” and Councilwoman Nicole Williams wished to beat Sammy and Kathy up after losing everything in the fire. I have never seen such uncompassionate people in my life.

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