Results of the June, 2015 Smoke test for the Sanitary Sewer Project

Master Pump Station Service Area Smoke Test Inspection Notes

Town of White Springs

Mittauer & Associates, Inc.  Project 1001-07-1


E-14 to E-15, E-15 to E-16, E-16 to E-17  Sidewalk/Sidewalk/Railway/Railway) US41

E-17, to E-18, to E-19 to E-20 US41 At the Railroad, did not get good smoke flow through here. (10”/12” Clay Pipes)

E-20 to E-20A (10”/12” Clay Pipe), 20A to 20B (12” Clay, Concrete Manhole) Willie Johnson Railway/Light Highway Missing Cleanout Cap at Vacant lot along Willie Johnson Street.

E20B to E20C to E 20D (10” 12” Clay)  Sunrise Drive Light Highway – Smoke out of Open Clean out cap on vacant lot on Spring –

E-20D to E-20E (10”/12” Clay Pipe) 17025 Sunrise Drive – open clean out cap in back yard

E-20E to E-24  (10”/12” Clay Pipe Concrete Manhole)  Sunrise

E-24 to E25 (10”/12” Clay Pipe)  Sunrise

E-25 to Master PS   (10”/12” Clay Pipe)  Broken/ Missing Cap at Master Pump Station, Smoke Flow out of emergency storage wet well.

E-20B to E-34  (8” PVC?)

E-34 to 3-33  (8” PVC?)  16839 Mill – Missing clean out cap

E-33 to E-32  (8” PVC?  Concrete Manhole  )  3 Manholes in close vicinity –potentially for lowering of system when Pine Lane Pump Station added?

E-32 to E-31  (8” PVC?  ) Manhole E-31 – 2 Manholes in parallel

E-31 to E-29  (8” PVC?)

E-29 to E-30, E-29-E-28, E-28-E-27, E-27 to E-26   (8” PVC)


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