Republican’s Demand Adam Schiff Testifies

The Republicans are calling for Adam Schiff to provide testimony to the standing Judiciary Committee after he finally provides a report on the impeachment investigation. What is good for the nation is good for Adam Schiff. It is time for this scum bag to face the music to bringing up and orchestrating a witch hunt against the president of the United States. Doug Collins from Georgia stated “Come to the Judiciary Committee. Be the first witness, and take every question asked of you.”

Collins wants Schiff to come and bear testimony as to his actions and everything else that he is hiding about the whistleblower, the closed sessions and so much the more. Collins is supported by more the 40 Republicans as they gathered together to gang up on Schiff. His actions are that of a coward and there is something that he is hiding. Schiff knows that there is something illegal about what he is up to. And there is no way that the Republicans are going to let him get away with it.

All 194 Republicans and a few Democrats voted against shady Schiff. These sorry and cowardly actions of the  Democrats and shady Schiff are nothing more than a witch hunt aimed at trying to keep Trump from winning in 2020. There is a big fight brewing between the Republicans and the  Democrats. And it looks like the Republicans are starting to win. Much of what has been done by the shady Schiff and now things are starting to go public. More truth is being revealed that shows that there are a lot of holes in the process.

The Republicans compared the actions of the Democrats to that of a “Soviet-style” inquiry. Everything is behind closed doors and nothing is allowed in or out of the room that could potentially record the interview. No one knows what might be said or how the person being questioned would be threatened. The Democrats could and would put words in people’s mouths if they could just to get a conviction lie.

Schiff and the Democrats are trying to get even with the Republicans for what was done to Bill Clinton. This sad president was involved with women that were not his wife. He had relations with an intern at the White House. Once the report on Clinton was given the impeachment inquiry took place. Schiff is trying to be some kind of Democratic hero as he believes he will be the one to bring down the mighty President Trump.

Everything that the Democrats are trying to do is similar to what happened to them when their pretty boy Clinton was exposed as a cheat and a liar. They are all upset that their goddess Hillary Clinton has been pushed out of politics because she is an imposter and a fraud. Nothing that the Democrats are doing has a cause except that they want revenge. They want to tear down the Republican President Trump because he stands as an icon and hero in the eyes of the people. That fact alone is just driving the Democrats crazy.

Collins wants to find out how Schiff is related to the whistleblower. And how gossip information was used to formulate fake charges against Trump. The documents presented do not even back up what Schiff and the whistleblower are saying about the president. Collins wants Schiff’s butt on the stand, so they can drill the truth out of this little pathetic man. Adam Schiff has already lied on more than one occasion as to his involvement with the whistleblower. And there is no reason to believe that he has been saying the truth ever since.

The Democrats are devils inside human bodies. There is not one scrap of evidence that has ever been found in three years that can justify any impeachment inquiries. The Democrats just want to see him removed, so they can have a fighting chance in 2020. President Trump is too powerful and popular for any of them to beat in the upcoming election.

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