Please stop complaining…You apparently do not realize how important our firefighters are and how happy we are to have them back

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I don’t know what the problem is with the complaints. All the firefighters have to provide applications and other criteria including Medical information to Hamilton County and have previously to White Springs provided the necessary applications. This Town is better with Chief Pittman and the brotherhood. If you had attended a meeting you would have heard that Tom Brazil offered his help to David Preuter, but David Preuter did not see fit to contact Brazil and that to me shows Preuter had a problem with anyone who was not Stith or Greene. So whether Preuter will ever offer to assist is up to him. Chief Pittman was our Chief previously and many of us disliked Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo for doing what they did to him. As to the Greenes and Stith, after their poor performance, I hope they never come near our fire department or fire fighters. White Springs was lucky nothing serious happened. Chief Pittman is the best person for the job due to his passion, dedication to duty, experience, credentials, and reputation and will in time get the department back to where it was two years ago. For Heavens sake, he has only been back for two days. He has leadership qualities which everyone wishes to follow and we need a Leader. Karin

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Many questions are left unanswered. Were the other volunteers given the option to stay on the department? Were they not told about what was going on?

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