People don’t understand why we fight but there is good reason

This is something I wrote to Yea Its Me who sounds a lot like Born and Raised. People complain about our referring to laws but there are reasons and this is how I responded at the time. Yes I answered to Swamp Ape which I was called as well as a Troll but answered as Swampy. Obviously he doesn’t understand what happens in legal cases and who pays what.

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Narcissist just how many times can you post the same thing in different ways? Get a life! Were watching to see just how much your trying to squeeze out of us tax payers via unjustified lawsuits and the league of cities! Watch we will, and crocked ways will be brought light!

Swampy’s Reply

Yea is Me, you certainly cannot write well; but the following statement was really hilarious: “crocked ways will be brought light”, Each article Joe has written brings up additional points to a former article but since you have difficulty with the English language but profess to be a psychiatrist who again doesn’t know how to diagnose but to call Joe names, let me explain why there are laws:

1. Laws apply to everyone equally and they are not to be different or special for any one group. (Joe’s more than once provided documentation relative to strokes for special folks)

2. Laws should be fair and applied fairly to all of its people (charging the poor such large sewer rates for the mistakes of the council and its mayor does not however seem fair. This is especially true when all our officials do is spend, spend and spend.

3. Laws are meant to protect all of the rights of its citizens. Instead this town allows people like you to harass and slander decent people, trying to get your one minute of fame. You have never fought on a platform of any magnitude for the people of this Town. Instead you apparently like corruption and will not do anything to assist others in the community so that we may live in harmony.

4. Laws should be enforced especially by its officials and carried out. If such laws are broken, those accused may be fined, have their privileges taken away or be incarcerated. Yes you are right, Townsend got away with it due to a statute of limitation; Rawlerson got away with it; the mayor got away with it because she threatened and did evil things to other members of the council; the books have not yet been audited by anyone; lies keep coming from the officials and the fingers of blame will sooner or later be pointed at each other when their bad karma comes around. There is a greater power and sooner or later the tower will start falling down.

It’s interesting; you would rather have a town be corrupt, unfair to its citizens; charge ridiculous fees and taxes; spend money like it’s their first and last check and spend. spend, spend; a council which is uneducated for the most part and cannot understand accounting principles.. Obviously you do not care about the Citizens of White Springs when you can’t even understand that Joe is not trying to hurt anyone but has a voice in fairness and equitable standards for all people in White Springs; Yes, Yea is Me…that even means you.

Frankly I am not as nice as Joe and I feel sorry for you because your days of nastiness may be coming to a close sooner than you think

And of course there were others

Hey Pepio and Tranny: You sewer bill went less than half of mine because you two are full of excrement! The tranny eats so much of her own cooking that she can’t stop getting fatter and going to the crapper all the time. You talk so much excrtement that your mouth flows right into the toilet. Fat losers.
Go ahead and stir up the folks you called “elves”. I am sure that they believe you like they did during the elections. Loser. The council has done much for this town while all you two do is complain, complain, complain. Continue with your negativity and your personal attacks one of these days those folks are going to strike back and put you in jail again. There you may meet the real love of your life.
Iron Man

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