Our Thanks and Gratitude to the writers of the “Watch”

The White Springs Journal expresses its thanks and gratitude to the writers of the “Watch” who eight days out of ten are the top news story on the blog.

The writers not only are articulate and newsworthy, but obviously perform extensive research on what is transpiring in Whites Springs as well as looking into the various laws of the State of Florida for which our White Springs Administration refuses to comply.


As to the readers of the blog, it is because of the “Watch” that you have received third party insight as to what is transpiring in our Town and as to the corruption we have endured since Rhett Bullard was mayor and now councilor whereby he is still controlling not only the Staff under Town Manager, Stacy Tebo, but certain councilors as well.


The Blog would not have known, nor would you, the readers and citizens of White Springs have known, about all the illicit misuse of money, the drug and brothel problems of White Springs, the stealing of Local Option Fuel Tax restricted Funds, the cronyism and nepotism to bring forth people to work for the Town who have no interest in the Town, as well as the embezzlement of funds by those who benefit others who do not perform work for the Town and for those who have received benefits they should not have received, except for the fact that Rhett Bullard currently has control of who receives what.  And should one of these benefactors not follow the dictates of Rhett Bullard through the Town Manager, Stacy Tebo, they will be bribed and persecuted.  This is a very serious matter that only the “Watch” has seen and has provided to not only the blog but all of the readers.


It is our hope that each of you heed the “Watch’s” suggestions to end this corruption precipitated by Rhett Bullard and his Town Manager by becoming involved and making certain that these corrupt individuals no longer have a seat at the White Springs table, whether in the capacity of a staff member or a councilor.  Each of you have the power and we ask that you listen to the logical and common sense solutions the “Watch” provides.


As for we at the Blog, it is wonderful to have a partner in Justice like the “Watch”.


Again, our utmost Thanks to the “Watch” for the Service it is providing the White Springs Journal’s readership.


The editors of the blog

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