Our Fire Department in their first day back made two calls

We were told that six firefighters showed up this morning after the Fire Department was theirs and that they already made two calls today which is more than our previous so called Fire Department did in months.

We are so happy you are back and now White Springs can feel safe again after two years.

Karin Griffin

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  1. 6 certified firefighters and 5 support staff! There were 11 total that showed this morning from the previous department.

  2. 2 calls! To which one they were not dispatched to. Then canceled on the other, to which jasper was then sent to the same call. Doesn’t sound like the county wanted them responding.

    1. The first one they were toned out along with EMS The second one wasn’t in white springs zone, dispatch canceled them and toned out jasper. If you’re going to report on the calls be accurate. I have a scanner too!

  3. This is true! They got a call within minutes and replied, Welcome Back! White Springs has a fire dept back! Thank you all our fire department for coming back.

  4. If you look at the Sheriff Office call sheets, you will note that the Stith/Greene/Preuter show did not even answer a call whether or not they were called back. You know when you have a good fire department like we have, they are ready and raring to go and respond as soon as practicable. We love you White Springs Volunteer Fire Department!! Karin for the blog

  5. Except that brownfield lives in mayo, register lives in ft white, and Meeks doesn’t live in White Springs either. So much for in town people…

    1. Brownfields lives in Live Oak and even though others live a distance, I can guarantee they will be here if not just on weekends. Chief Pittman was only given the position this morning. I believe in him and after two years, he has to start all over in getting others certified in a very difficult job of fighting fires and saving lives….and I believe in him and it will happen between Pittman and Brazil who are great!!! Karin

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