Not everyone is happy with Staff

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Man.. I know people have been harsh to you and your bride but have you seen that swamp ape they have working in Town Hall???
(At one time the camel club was calling Karin a Swamp Ape so apparently she lost her title )

Swampy was short for swamp ape and this is one of the stories sent to us

“Swampy, Swampy…I have a new buddy.”
“Oh, Joey, Joey, I am so happy for you. Now you can go out and play instead of sitting home all day playing with the computer.”
“Yes, yes, Swampy, Swampy. I am so happy. Maybe now people will not laugh at me and…”
“Joey, Joey, you now have to do something about losing though…”
“Swampy, Swampy, I told you many times that I am not a loser. That horrible woman is the loser and now Fernell is also the loser, and Windbaggy is a loser and Tina is a loser, and the van thief is a loser and…”
“But Joey, Joey, you still lost the election and the suits and I know it’s not your fault, it never is but still, Joey, Joey…”

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