Motion before the Council on the 13th regarding the purchase of the Work Truck

An approval by the Council is required for the purchase of the Chevrolet Silverado  2500HD 4WD double cab Work Truck.  The Town budgeted $27,693 in Roads and Streets for the purchase of a new truck.  Under the Sheriff’s Association contract, the price is $27,533.55; this includes thee towing hitch needed for the trailer (for the Excavator which was purchased under Roads and Streets) and the tag.  The truck is a double cab and will be able to transport four to five inmates.  It hauls 14,400 pounds.

It is nice to see how the Town can spend money on toys while our streets and roads remain in disrepair.  What a group of geniuses.


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2 Replies to “Motion before the Council on the 13th regarding the purchase of the Work Truck

  1. Why do thet need a new truck to tow the minihoe when they have a perfectly good dumb truck F350 or 450 not sure the size but i know it will tow that machine with no problems why not leave it hooked up to it. you can use the truck to haul the stuff away an tow make sense to me Ray does not need a brand new truck to drive home every day that money can be spent on something else that will help the town. I say if they do it the what you do is put ray on call 24-7 if trees come down or something happens stop call your no existent fire department an just call ray is thats his job right roads an street/ public works/ meter reader/ do all an say nothing boy i for got he is now one of the cousins. This is one of the most stupid things this town is doing but hey its tge normal for these fuck ups.

  2. Also didnt the town just spend a crap load of momey putting a brand new motor in the ford dually dump truck? So why do we need another brand new truck to let someone drive it home every night an use it for hunting like the truck has been now.

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