McKenzie in the next round will cease to be a councilor of White Springs

The rumor mill has made some startling comments about the former election, especially the re-election of Councilor Walter McKenzie.
It has all began with an inquiry.  Why would Walter McKenzie be re-elected when in all the years he has remained on the council, he has not done anything significant for the Town of White Springs, other than attend meetings, question everything but do nothing about the situation.
There also remained the issue of the fire department.  I sent Walter McKenzie all the comments made by former firefighters relative to our plight to have a viable fire department.  Yet, Mr. McKenzie, as he does with everything which comes before the council, ignored my various e-mails to him personally.
I also provided Spencer Lofton with a variety of e-mails showing him what problems we currently had in White Springs, hoping that as the new Mayor, he would do something about it.  As for Spencer Lofton, it is realized he is a mere puppet of Rhett Bullard and that is the only reason he was appointed Mayor.  So he has an excuse of remaining ignorant, but what is Walter McKenzie’s excuse.


Various people have indicated that in the last election they made their decisions as follows:

  • Spencer Lofton received the most votes because he was considered the lesser of evils.  In fact, they, the people we spoke to, felt he may do something for White Springs.  He was Black and at one time, Councilor, Dr. Helen Miller worked with him to assist him in his run for Superintendent of Schools. Therefore, even though Rhett and Tonja chose Spencer Lofton to take Miller’s seat, they felt he would be fair and found out they were very, very wrong.
  • Most people attempted not to vote for Willie Jefferson, except those who were his relatives and close personal friends of Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown.  However, they were hoodwinked about his ability to do the right thing and as a result he lost by only four votes to Dr. Miller.
  • Yet, Arthur Natteal, another person who people felt would be fair and honest proved to only be in the running to take votes away from Helen Miller, because he was Black and the fact that he operates a Christian Radio Station. People now know that Natteal is not quite as Christian and fair as he was perceived to be.
  • The majority of citizens were told to vote for Walter McKenzie.  This was because those who voted for Helen Miller, no matter their race,  asked who they should vote for as well.  The main answer was vote for Walter McKenzie and so they did.
Now the voters realize what has happened to our City.  Spencer Lofton only brings forward pie -in -the -sky ideas which would cost the Citizens and the Town of White Springs a lot of money;  He has a good story, but nothing to back it up.  He lost his so called investors because he didn’t have a clue what an investor would require regarding SHE and he even lost his friends from Miami or Denver, wherever they really came from that wished to start a prisoner ranch.


Willie Jefferson does not care about his Black Constituents especially after telling Dr. Miller that she has done enough for the Blacks for African History Month and he chastised her for putting on the Beautiful Dreamer Award which cost her $800.  Insofar as his personal life, he could not control his son who finally was incarcerated and he keeps his new Dominican Republic Wife locked away on his premises.  What a pillar of society Willie Jefferson is.


Arthur Natteal was found to be a “snake” who only does what Rhett Bullard wished him to do.  He does not have the ability by reason of education or organizational skills to even put on a parade and celebration for Black History Month.  He couldn’t even answer Spencer Lofton’s questions and appeared to have the intelligence of Tonja Brown.  He is a lost soul and a puppet of Rhett Bullard who is allowed to use his radio station and in turn Natteal is favored but will do as Bullard wishes.  So much for being a good “Christian”.


Then we were told, that Walter McKenzie’s tenure of being on the council will end the next time he runs for councilor.  Everyone has realized that although he verbally fought for Dr. Helen Miller during council meetings and against her seat forfeiture, he has done little or nothing to help White Springs.  Even though Dr. Miller is back on the Council, it is Miller alone who has pointed out all of the discrepancies of the misuse of money and corruption of Lofton, Brown and Bullard while McKenzie just sits back and does nothing.  He had his chance.  He had his chance to fight for the Fire Department, the Police Department and a multitude of infractions but to which he remained silent.   People now have his number and realize the only thing which has been important to McKenzie is that he is a council member because his ego could not take being voted out.  Except in the next election when he decides to run; guess what?  He will not be elected, especially by anyone who has not been his close friend and there are very few of these friends today, especially in the African American sector.  Expect to lose the next time your position is up, McKenzie!  You have done nothing for White Springs.


As to Bullard and Brown, it is their time to be elected or not.  It is time for the People of White Springs not to vote based upon Threats, Bribes, or the color of one’s skin.  It is time to remove the corruption in White Springs.  We would like both Anita Rivers and Nicole Williams to run for office, but understand with everything on her plate at this time, it will be difficult for Williams to do so.  But we hope that the People of White Springs will realize we need more people like the aforementioned ladies and we hope you will run and eliminate both Bullard and Brown who are ruining White Springs.


And by the way, why would you vote for someone who you know has his way with Juveniles? That is disgusting.  And why would you vote for a person who is mindless and has not done anything except order people around because she thinks her position on the council allows her to be nasty to constituents.  Shame on you if you feel the corruption by these two is a-okay  to keep them in office.  And how do we know that one of them is not spreading an HIV/ AIDS condition to others?  Most people who see him believe this to be possible.  Protect your children.  Hire honest councilors by your votes.  Run yourself if you feel you can assist White Springs.  Corruption Bribery Theft and Embezzlement must stop!!  Why should some benefit while the rest of us get nothing.


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