It is too bad we did not really build a “business incubator” but this was a Townsend project with full council approval

  1. Former Mayor Helen Miller, on behalf of the Town of White Springs was involved in a joint project with the Development the Development Authority for the building of the Ahmoglee Okalee Park in downtown White Springs.  Although the project took three years to complete, the park was opened May 20, 2013 with a grand openingThis park was considered a success and part of a business incubator.  However, the park itself could not be a business incubator because it never was built to formulate any new business nor does it appear to attract visitors.White Springs is small with limited resources, but we do have a vision and that is to restore and revitalize our community by focusing on our cultural heritage and eco tourism,” said Miller. “Those are the two main assets we have in this community and we have to build on that. This park does that.”

There are two entrances into the park, front and back. Brick paved sidewalks (to nowhere), lined on both sides with red mulch and landscape plants and flowers, will guide you to each of the three covered pavilions, which include lighting and ceiling fans. Each pavilion has its own name as tribute to the native American Indian tribes who originally settled in White Springs; the Timucuan, the Apalachee and the Calusa. There are some black wrought iron benches along with restroom facilities which are rarely maintained.  The park itself rarely is used by anyone and it is next to the telephone building which takes away from what beauty there is in the park.

Former Town Manager Robert Townsend was given the credit for this “Business Incubator” and the Money came from the Hamilton County Development Authority because his Aunt wished to help him out since Townsend had some problems politically in the Town, is my understanding.

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