In my opinion the Town really messed up on the Amphitheater location

  1. The amphitheater is another item for which we received a grant.  If that Amphitheater would have been built in an area of downtown where there was parking spaces available and strategically placed so that the sun and heat would not affect people as it does currently, it would not be so objectionable.  Right now it is in a horrible spot next to the community women’s center where there is no shade.  Or was it placed there so council members could sell the two large oaks to a lumber company and get additional funds?  Instead in most years, we have a band that plays on the sidewalk and people dancing and sitting in the street.  Why oh why could it not have been a large gazebo which would look historic in an area where we could have a band or street dances like other historic towns?  As it is this rarely used amphitheater  is an eyesore and wasted money in my opinion.

Karin Griffin for the blog

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  1. The amphitheater is nice and looks good but I agree its in the wrong place. There is no parking anywhere around it or the Community Center. But unfortunately it is what it is. It’s built and we can’t un-build it now so lets move on.

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