In case Willie Jefferson runs for office in January, he needs to add some of these items in his campaign materials.



I didn’t know what the Charter was until I realized it could oust Helen Miller from her council seat.

I didn’t understand the word “Malfeasance” but heck, I didn’t have to because we decided Helen Miller was guilty of it before the hearing.

I worked for the Sheriff’s Office and now at Columbia County Corrections so I am a very important person.

I know how to get people out of jail without paying for a bond by what they call a “Yellow Bond” even if that bond shouldn’t apply to the crime.
I will fight for every young person who is caught stealing or on drugs to make certain you do not go to jail and can continue with your life the way it is because it is the right thing to do.
I want the Carver School Demolished so we can put up a cheap community center at its location but that terrible Governor Scott vetoed my plan.
I lied to the Griffins and told them that as soon as Rhett becomes mayor instead of Helen Miller, the Town will be so much better, but who cares, everyone lies to them for fear of being on the blog.
I didn’t fight for lighting in the Black Section of Town because I don’t care if they have lighting; just as long as I have lighting.
I like Stacy Tebo because she does everything we want her to so that Tonja, Rhett and I do not get in trouble and can look good.

I would rather spend money on lawyers to protect Stacy Tebo for being ruthless, rather than spending money to improve the sewer and water pipes or any other maintenance.

I don’t care that you all have a high sewer rate as long as I can just pay for water because I have my own sewer/septic tank system.

I think I lowered your sewer bill by just under $2.00 a couple of years ago so that should be sufficient. Don’t use so much water and don’t flush your toilets so much.

I don’t believe in Robert’s rules of order and I intend to have people change the charter to my and Rhett and Tonja’s benefit.

I don’t believe in the sunshine laws either and feel we should do what we want because we are a small Town and Rhett Bullard told me so.
I love Rhett Bullard because he protects Tonja and I even if we do something wrong. We can meet in the darkness if we want to and I do not care what Joe Griffin says.

I enjoy lying about the Griffins because they try to cause problems for me and say things such as I am not a good dad and I beat my wife.

Rhett Tonja and I have the power to bribe and intimidate you if you do us wrong, so do not fight us or we will get even.

We have done enough for the Black people in town we do not need a “Beautiful Dreamer’s banquet” but can give an award at the Martin Luther King, Jr. event. It’s cheaper and I am still mad at Helen Miller for initially spending the money before she paid for it through her own money.

Kids should be kids and we do not need Helen Miller’s help to have an after school program. They should be able to run around town as they wish.

I believe in Andrew Greene and Steve Stith and don’t care about the other firefighters. Who cares what the other citizens want because Stacy is more important than they are.

I tried to get Anita Rivers fired since Stacy became manager because Anita was too smart and knew what we are doing wrong which should not have been her business. We, the Power of Three know what is best for White Springs.BY THE POWER OF THREE WILL PREVAIL.


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