If you have the law, argue the law.

If you don’t have the law but have the facts, argue the facts.

If you don’t have the law or the facts keep pounding the table with the same repetitious bull shit.

That’s TEBO’s plan with her appeal to the 11 Circuit Court’s Appellate process.

More on this tomorrow but Stacy has neither the law or the facts, but she can sure  pound the table.

No reasonable attorney, and Martha Chapman is way above being reasonable, she is a great attorney, would put up 57 pages of the drivel that Stacy puts forth in her Initial Appellate Brief unless she was being paid by her client and the client was putting forth the drivel.

But Stacy isn’t the only one losing money here. The citizens of White Springs are also losing money while Stacy forwards this information to her attorney. Hang tough, the Appeals Court will rule soon enough and DeBary will throw a party. I think Karin and I will go.

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