If you didn’t see it in your Water Bill, a letter from the new Code Enforcement Officer

White Springs Residents:
My name is Shonda Werts, and the Town hired me as their part-time code enforcement officer a month ago.  The Town began doing limited code enforcement last fall, and they were focused on 41; the goal is to beautify our area to encourage development.  I’ve also been visiting all areas of the town to get an idea of what we need to look at first.  You might have seen a yellow door hanger left by me and I’ll be doing more of that in the coming weeks.
Hamilton County has been working on a county-wide 911 address project.  It’s important for emergency services to be able to locate you when you need help.  If you do not have your address posted, I will be leaving you a doorhanger.  It’s my goal to make sure every single building has an address posted, and I need your help to achieve that.
Another project I’m working on is reducing the number of abandoned vehicles in town.  The Town’s Code of Ordinance defines abandoned vehicles as “an y vehicle which appears to be incapable of safe operation under its own power upon a public street and any vehicle not having a current motor vehicle registration tag properly attached.”  Please let me know if you need help disposing of a vehicle.
Lastly, I am concentrating on getting rid of accumulation of weeds, underbrush, undergrowth, garbage and trash.  If the weeds and grass are more than 12 inches high, we will ask you to mow it.  The Code defines garbage “as all household trash, rubbish, refuse, junk, abandoned materials, metals, lumber, appliances or other items which serve no useful purpose or function, dead animals, industrial and other toxic waste.”
Although the Town has many codes and regulations, I am going to focus on those listed in this letter initially.  We have a beautiful town, and it can be even more lovely if we work on these things together.  If you have any concerns please contact me at the phone number and/or email address listed below.
Sincerely  Shonda Werts
Code Enforcement Officer
*386) 397-2310
I’ts a nice touch to forewarn, but since Tonja Brown is a friend of Ms. Werts, Ms. Werts probably is not going to look into the fact that the house Vice Mayor Brown lives in looks like trash in itself.  There is still blue tarping from a long ago hurricane on the roof and one can tell the entire house is in disrepair in comparison to all of the clean and up-kept homes in the area, including those in her neighborhood across from Dollar General.   Then John Davis is forced to quit because he refused to do what our vice mayor told him to do, when she as the pot was calling the kettle black, when her house on 41 looks like a sham.
Insofar as the vehicle situation, if such vehicles are on someone’s private property and are there listed for sale or for repairs by the owner, the Town should keep their dirty hands out of the situation.   I am certain the town would love to help dispose of the vehicle so they could make a little money off the situation.  We know that for a fact because we allowed some individuals take our old abandoned vehicle from our premises, so that they could make a few bucks when they disposed of it.
Karin for the blog

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