I will try to apprise you all of meetings in the future on the blog.

Brazil jr.
I was not aware of a meeting or i would have been there because i got somethings that need to be address by the powers to be.


We were to have a special meeting this last Monday at 5:30  but two councilors couldn’t make it and Stacy Tebo was sick we were told so the meeting was cancelled and no notice was given of another meeting. This was to have been a Charter Workshop

The meetings are always held the second Tuesday of the month but that meeting was cancelled because of the hurricane, even though we had great weather, and it was delayed.  I will try and keep everyone apprised if there is a change or a special meeting.  The Hamilton County contract relating to the Fire Department is up and has not yet been signed by White Springs.  Hamilton County’s meeting is November 6th at 9:00 am if you wish to bring forth information to Hamilton County commissioners and if you have the time off. The Meeting is held in the Court House in Jasper.


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