I have submitted this to the Rant and Rave of the Suwannee Democrat/Jasper News – The Truth has to get out through a larger circulation because many believe all the volunteers returned.

There is a FALSE Story going around in White Springs that all the Volunteers who resigned at the time Kevin Pittman was forced out as chief, came back to work for Chief Stith. WE DO NOT HAVE A FIRE DEPARTMENT IN WHITE SPRINGS AND THE BEST FIRE DEPARTMENT WE HAD WAS PRIOR TO THE TOWN OF WHITE SPRINGS FORCING PITTMAN’S RESIGNATION. The current roster is filled with names who cannot fight a fire or who would be dangerous doing so. Do not believe the stories you hear. We do not have a Fire Department in White Springs and if it would not be for Hamilton County, we would not have ambulance service. And your councilors do not care if your property is in jeopardy. They only wish their friends working in White Springs and none live in White Springs.



Karin Griffin

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