Helen Miller is the real Town Manager and Tommie is her puppet I guess – comment from anonymous

He is not a manager or anything. Helen has been at Town Hall every day TELLING him what SHE wants him to do. He is her assistant. Helen is running it all just as she has said she does. She is the power and you helped put her there. White Springs now has a strong Mayor form of government. White Springs is the laughing stock of north Florida. A fraud for a Mayor, a documented thief on the council (not at just one job but two), and a Convict for “Town Manager” who has an extensive criminal history, to include according to statute, solicitation of a minor for criminal purposes. Stand tall and be proud White Springs citizens. Helen will hire who she wants whether they pass a drug test or not. Right Anita???? Heck just wait almost 2 months and take another one. We will just throw this one you didn’t pass away. Helen will give away stuff bought with taxpayer money. Right Teddy???? Nice grill. But she can’t pay her property taxes. And God help anyone who does the right thing and stands up to Helen. They will be ridiculed, have lies told about them, cursed at, called a whore, a drug addict, and a slut. White Springs deserves everything it gets. I say again Joe, keep digging. You just may really find out about the dear sweet Helen you wanted as Mayor. You got her; now deal with her.

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