Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Call History which Councilors ignored even though they were e-mailed by me

05/28/2019 21:19:2019 Person Injured 310363 Bridge Street, White Springs City Hall 22:15:28 Enroute and Response Time 00:04:13: On Scene 01:09:21 Total Call Time: 01:15:19 Priority 1 WS Required EMS to Police Department Med 3 requested WSFR; Paged WSFD ; WSFD 51 Reporting WSFD 22:32:03 On Scene 22:32:03 Med 3 51 Lake City Medical Center

05/25/2019 16:48:37 Accident Priority 5 Law WSPD Ws4 Primary with Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Backup plus EMS 443 58 Enroute & Response Time 00:02:35 Total Call Time: 02:13:46 – Paged EMS and Jasper, Genoa – Inside the vehicle unresponsive- One in the Trees and one on the Road, Head Injury-only one injury; subject out of the vehicle and is responsive Genoa and EMS on scene – Middle and Right Lane Blocked Road Rangers Requested Helo, Trauma Alert – if they can land on I-75; if Not meet in Lake City Medical Center; Adv Changed to Farmer’s Market not I-75 – After Lift 7 ½ Minutes- Accepted Farmer’s Market; on the Ground 17:30:20. Trauma 1 in the Air 17:37:08; Trauma at Shands 17:43:08 EMS, WSPD and HCSO, on Scene

05/22/2019 10:11:49 Person Sick 16644 Springs Street, White Springs FL Priority 5 Primary Unit Med3 EMS Back up WSFD EMS Paged and acknowledged enroute 10:15:11, Med 3 on Scene 10:17:11: Enroute & Response Time 00:01:58 On scene Time 56:07 Total Call Time 01:02:00 WSFD Paged-and enroute 10:17:50 Req.by 702 WSFD Cancelled. \

05/20/2019 20:39:49 Fire/Explosion Priority 1 111001 SE 154th Place, White Springs, FL Calling WSPD and HCSO/cancelled 20:42:21 WSFD Enroute 20:52:02 Reporting and 20:52:03 On scene 20:52:15 Fire contained Enroute and Response Time: 00:09:52 On Scene Time 00:04:29; Total Call Time 00:18:31

05/19/2019 01:31:46 A subject fell Unknown Distance Med 1 with Med2 EMS backup Unit Required 16850 Mill Street Tom’s Place (Willie Johnson Street & Adams Memorial Drive White Springs- Med 2 Enroute and 01:38:20 and on scene 01:59:16 Enroute and Response Time 00:20:56; On Scene Time 00:46:30; Total Call Time: 01:14:29 Time 01:31:16 Paged WSFD Enroute .Med 1 Arrived LZ; LZ Farmer’s Market Airlifted: Air Transport Unit on the Ground 02:19:54 and in the air 02:34:55 WSFD arrived 02:38:06 Total Call Time 01:14:29

5/19/2019 21:16:48 Accident 25A North of Stephen Foster Priority 5 WSPD WS5 and WS4 Responding Enroute & Response Time 00:02:46; On scene Time 03:46:07 Total Call Time 03:49:27 –Med 3 and Hamilton County Sheriff on scene

05/18/2019 20:20:55 Person Sick Small Fire on the Stove 16498 Collins St.,White Springs Priority 5 20:21:30 Paged EMS Ref: Difficulty Breathing; WSFD Reporting 20:37:21 on scene 20:37:26 EMS Med 3 on Scene20:37:26; WSPD-WS6 Enroute 20:43:34 ; WSFD Removed 21:09:06; Med 3 EMS Removed 21:09:19; WSPD WS2 On Scene

05/18/2019 22:15:23 Person Injured Priority 1 Primary Unit Med 3 EMS; Backup Units WSFD 10363 Bridge Street White Springs City Hall- 22:16:17 White Springs requested EMS to Police Department; Med 3 enroute from Triangle and requested, paging WSFD 22:19:31; White Springs Fire Department arrived 22:21:22; Med 3 enroute to Lake City Medical Center arrived 23:17:02

05/14/2019 01:43:58 Niel Martin reported Roadway Obstruction,5687 SE CR135 White Springs; 01:44:59 Paged WSFD Ref: Tree – No Response from WSFD; 2nd Page for WSFD 02:02:10; 02:03:02 701 Acknowledged 708 Responded Tree Cleared 02:38:00

05/12/2019 FHP complained about Roadway Obstruction 01:00:07 Tree in Lines Blocking Road; Bridge and Jewett; Tree in Lines Blocking Road 01:01:25 Paged WSFD; 01:04:38 Paged Duke; 01:04:44 Repaged WSFD; 01:13:44 Paged Genoa due to no response from WSFD Genoa Fire Department Primary Unit on Scene 01:31:21; Was a Windstream Line with a 1 ½ Hr. ETA. Closed 02:55:50

05/10/2019 13:22:40 Person Injured 11330 SE CR135 Big Shoals Female fell off of bicycle and possibly broke her shoulder; injured knee 13:24:05 Paged EMS Med 1 Acknowledged; Park Rangers 13:29:35; Paged WSPD WSPD enroute 13:44:21; 13:48:58 Med 1 EMS On Scene; 15:10:17 WSPD WS2 Cancelled Med 1 advised no contact with patient; after 4 mile Hike with a streture made contact with patient. .Patient taken to Lake City Medical Center.

05/04/2019 10:51:49 Person Injured Priority 1 Primary Unit HCSO Backup Med 3 EMS- 11330 SE CR 135 Big Shoal Parking Area 3rd Party Caller; Woman attacked by dog; legs bleeding badly; Park Ranger will be there; Dog Ran off EMS Paged; WSFD Paged; No response from WSFD Med 3 Arrived on scene 11:03:55

04/30/2019 22:15::16 22:15:41 Paged EMS and WSFD – Suspicious Person – Male subject laying in the ditch with no shirt; unsure if he is breathing or not; 22:16:28 Med2 EMS Acknowledged – Subject is breathing, has a pulse, not responsive now talking and is drunk. No response from WSFD; WSPD reporting and on scene 22:15:43; Med 2 Enroute 22:19:17

04/27/2019 18:17:32 Fire Explosion Priority 1 15553 Suwannee Street White Springs; Smoke coming from a vacant building; Paged WSFD 18:19:32 702 Acknowledged 18:21:38; WSPD WS2 18:22:34 Enroute and Response Time WSPD WS2 00:03:15 Reporting.

04/27/2019 16:50:2019 Person Sick Priority 5, 16601 Jewett St. Apt 205 White Springs- Left Arm and Leg numbness-recently in Hospital for Mini Stroke on the 24th. Just now took Medicine. MED3 EMS enroute and response time: 00:01:50 On Scene 00:13:34 Total Call Time 00:18:55

04/27/2019 13:46:02 Priority 1 13:46:02 Medical Alarm with Elderly female in need of care 13:48:27 MED3 EMS Acknowledged 13:58:09 Med 3 EMS on SceneEnroute and response Time 00:06:37 Total Call Time 01:12:36

04/26/2019 12:31:39 Person Sick Priority 5 MED 3 EMS Primary – WSFD Back Up 16601 Jewett Street Apt 205 White Springs – Female Possible Stroke 12:32:57 Paged EMS – Advised Hospital recently said she had a mini stroke also has heart disease 12:34:21 EMS Med 3 enroute and on Scene 12:48:52; WSFD reporting 12:35:59 WSFD Removed 12:59:28

04/25/2019 11:18:54 Priority 1 Person Injured SE 194th Lane Near Bullards Road Off Woodpecker Rt/River 11:22:39 Med 3 EMS Acknowledged Verizon is being called to get a better location of the patient; Patient had been texted to call 911 to get a better ping EM1 is out of town unreachable. Patient Down No Ping, Can’t get the Med Unit any further; 12:00:36 Two WSPD WS4 but has no radios; On the Trail, Medics are on Foot; they See Him and Patient Contact is Made. Per Med 3, Patient is in the Med Unit; he is alert and stable; Patient out of the woods 13:27:17 Lake City Medical Center

04/20/2019 12:31:39 Person Sick Priority 5 Med 3 EMS Primary Unit Backup WSFD 16601 Jewett Street Apt 205 Female Possible Stroke 68 years old; Hospital recently said she had a mini stroke and also has heart disease Med 2 Arrived 13:07:06 WSFD Removed.

04/19/2019 10:45:23 41 Roadway Obstruction Priority 2 Between Facil/White Springs Genoa Fire Department Enroute Time and Response Time 00:07:04 On Scene Time 00:05:12 Total Call Time 00:40:27 Page did not go out due to Radio being Down; Genoa advised they haven’t found anything yet; checking north of Facil.

04/13/2019 08:53:13 Fire/Explosion Priority 1 Primary Unit HCSO; Backup Med 3 EMS 14891 SE 87th Street, White Springs FL Caller advised Residence was abandoned; possible structure fire; 08:54:46 Paged EMS and Jasper and Genoa; Jasper Acknowledged; Paged White Springs FD; No Response from White Springs. He advised smoke sowing but no flames; EM1 advised all Genoa Units back in Quarters. Owners advised looks like more smoke; Paged Genoa; Fire possibly Starting Back Up; re-paged Genoa and Paged Jasper; No Smoke Showing 13:20:59; Advised Fire has been secured and everything is good 14:07:09. Total Call Time: 05:14:05

04/10/2019 22:21:36 WSPD WS4 Person Sick Priority 5 22:22:33 Paged EMS ref: 29 Year old Male with Swollen Scrotum; Mother unable to Move him Med2 EMS advised required Mutual Aid; Paged WSFR WSPD WS4 reported 22:38:51 and on Scene 22:38:52.

04/06/2019 21:49:01 Person Sick Femail with Head Pain History of High Blood Pressure Med1 EMS and WSPD WS4 backup Enroute and response time 00:16:12 Med 1 advised Mud possibly too deep to continue down the drive way 22:18:40 Lake City Medical Center contacted 22:24:47 Advised Going to North Florida in Gainesville Med1 Advised Stroke Alert Checked for Air Transport Unit to arrive at LCMC or Farmers Market; Airlift Accepted 15 Minute ETA to Farmer’s Market Paged Genoa and White Springs Fire for LZ WSPD Responded WS4 23:08:17 Airlift going to North Florida

03/31/2019 18:25:00 Person Sick- Vomiting Priority 5, 18102 SE CR137 White Springs; Med 3 EMS responding 00:09:21 enroute and response time. On Scene 01:04:15 Total Call Time 01:19:40. Dispatcher did not page White Springs Fire; Patient taken to Lake City Med.

03/30/19 10:42:49 Fire/Explosion Primary Unit Med 3 EMS Backup: Hamilton County Sheriff’s office and WSFD enroute 10:44:59 Fire Alarms Going Off Open Line 011 Call Med 2 Advised Fire is out. It was a grease fire on the stove. Lady came to the station advising of fire Total Call Time 00:57:55 Med 3 Arrived at Lake City Medical Center 19:26:27

03/30/2019 12:15:13 Person Sick Priority 5 Med 2 Acknowledged Med 3 Responded EMS On Scene Time 00:57:16 Total Call Time 01:02:21 10903 Lillian Saunders Drive; Stephen Foster Folk Center EMS Paged 12:16:38 Med 2 Acknowledged 12:17:07 Female was passed out 12:26:43 Med 3 Required Standby Air Transport Unit; Airlife Accepted ETA 19 Minutes; Farmers Market; 12:29:52 WSFD 1041 in possession Lz 1 Patient 1 Rider Airlift to Lake City Medical Center.

03/27/2019 Spring/Bridge Med 3 EMS Primary – WS1 and WS4 White Springs Police Dept Back-up Accident Priority 5 WS1 Advised she was called on her personal phone.17:56:22 Required WSPD WS4 required EMS 17:56:59 M3 enroute from Jasper and paged WSFR. Unknown if injured or road blocked White Springs First Resp. 714 Paged Per Med 3; WSFR 714 on scene WSPD-WS4 Called 18:09:59 and responded

03/11/2019 00:54:14 Person Sick Priority 5 16870 Spring Street 00:55:48 Paged EMS and WSFD COPD Trouble Breathing and is using Home 02 No Response from WSFD patient taken to Lake City VA by Med 1

02/10/2019 19:35:42 EMS Med 3 Person Sick Priority 5 Enroute and Response Time 00:06:14 On Scene Time 01:12:51 Total Call Time 01:22:43 Male Subject with Extreme Diarrhea and weakness call EMS requested LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) be enroute due to previous hostile environment -.WSPD WS5, WSFD and Med3 1097 or on Scene 1098 Completed

02/08/2019 08:27:20 Fire Explosion Priority 1 10504 Pine Manor Pine Manor White Springs Criminal Hang UP Primary Unit: WSPD WS4 and WSPD WS2 Backup Enroute and response time 00:04:02 Complainant advised a fire burning in an empty lot off of Mill Street near the Trailer Park 712 and Med 3 checked for Hot Spots and were on scene

01/24/2019 01:17:12 Fire Explosion 16583 Jewett Street, Suwannee Springs Apartments Priority 1 Paged WSFD regarding a transformer Fire 02:00:03 Paged Genoa Fire Department after 2 No Responses from WSFD. : Genoa Fire Department Reporting and on Scene 02:23:19 Messaged Duke Power.

01/21/2019 21:07:20 Person Injured Priority 1 Primary Unit Med 1 EMS Backup WSPD WS2 16836 Pine Lane YOF found on the floor by daughter when she got home subject now is talking and alert Med1Acknowledged Request White Springs First Responders. Paged White Springs First Responders WSPD WS2 on Scene WS2 advised subject has left face drooping and left arm is chicken winged up to her; chest area unable to move it. Med 1 ordered Air Transport Unit to Farmers Market Paged Genoa Fire Department for LZ 19 Minutes for Air Transport since WSFD did not respond Helicopter in the air 22:01:03. 01/20

01/20/2019 19:40:30 Roadway Obstruction Woodpecker Paged WSFD WS3 WSPD is out with TRE Unable to Move Paged Genoa Fire Department; Genoa Fire Department Responded 19:53:13

01/28/2019 13:17:38 Person Injured Priority 1 9298 SE 144th Lane White Springs Med 3 EMS Primary Unit WSPD WS3 and HCSO 5620 and 5621 backup Subject fell 20 feet from a Tree Stand Extreme Back Pain Paged EMS and Genoa 13:21:59 Med 3 Acknowledge EMS requested Airlife 7 Paged White Springs to set up LZ 703 Advised no other White Springs Available Patient is at the Med Unit Will be able to LZ (Landing Zone) shortly Airlife in the Air to Shands UF Med 3 request to Jasper for supplies Total Call Time 01:31:58

01/16/2019 08:01:56 Person Sick Priority 5 16583 Jewett Street Apt. 104 Suwannee Springs Apartments – Difficulty Breathing Med1 EMS paged. Paged WSFD Subject did not pass out Med 1 On Scene. Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office on scene. WSFD did not respond.

01/11/2019 14:16:49 Primary Unit Med 3 EMS Backup WSPD WS5 10363 Bridge Street White Springs City Hall Unknown Problem Med 3 Required WS First Responder Paged White Springs 702 on Scene Med 3 shipped to Lake City Medical Center.

01/05/2019 11:36:22 Person Sick MED1 EMS Priority 5 3429 NW US Highway 129 Jasper FL Subject in the Camper behind the Resident Med 1 responded

12/27/2018 14:44:19 Fire/Explosion Evergreen Cemetary/Adams Road Primary Unit WSPD WS3 Small Fire WSPD Paged No Response from WSFD Paged Genoa 15:09:08 Fire is out.
12/25/2018 11:58:11 Person Sick Priority 5 12606 Roberts Street, White Springs FL WSPD WS6 Primary Unit Back Up Med 3 EMS 67 year Old Male subject breathing problems WSPD Paged EMS Takes High Blood Pressure Meds Low Dose of Bayer for Blood Clots, Cholesterol Meds also On Scene Patent refused Med3 EMS Removed.

12/16/2018 15:47:26 Person Inured Robert Street / N. Collins Street Med 3 EMS Primary Unit WS2 WSPD Back Up Units Caller advised child busted his eye open at the New Library on Roberts St N of Collins St. Child Fell Running and Fell with Pipe EMS Paged Med 3 Acknowledged Paged WS First Response per Law Enforcement Officer on Scene Cancelled WSFD First Responders 2 year old child busted above right eye Med 3 Responded. Father and other Children following behind EMS. WSPD on Scene Also.

12/13/2018 06:17:27 Person Sick 16979 Mill Street Primary Unit Med 1 EMS Backup Unit 5620 HCSO 91 year old female fell earlier and now possibly having a seizure Paged EMS EMS Acknowledge Med1 Enroute 06:32:26’ Paged WSFD Med 1 enroute HCSO Reporting and on scene 06:35:09 and arrive Lake City Medical Center 07:24:50

12/04/2018 20:15:31 Alarm Priority 5 Fire Smoke No Contact Paged WSFD Paged Genoa Fire Department due to no response from WSFD Total Call Time 00:59:18

11/30/2018 Special Detail Christmas Parade Priority 6 Primary Unit Genoa Fire Department Packup Units AD1 HCSO; Jennings FD; Med 2 EMS; Med 3 EMS WSFD WSPD

11/24/2018 23:48:18 Person Sick Priority 5 Med 1 EMS Femail with sugar Problems caller advised it is over 500 and unconscious Paged WSFD Med 1 enroute; WS1 and WS3 WSPD on Scene. WS3 Advised Subject is alert Total Call Time 01:25:42

11/21/2018 07:55:15 Monitoring Center Alarm Priority 5 Primary Unit WSFD 10507 Wesson Street Fire Alarm indicating Smoke Owner Barbara Johnson WSFD Paged – Attempted to call the home; number has been disconnected 702 on Scene-Advised Cooking breakfast and set off the alarm.

11/29/2018 11:55:16 Person Sick Priority 5 Primary Unit EMS Med 3 16498 Collins Street Carin Copeland Male Subject Hypoglysemic EMS reported and on scene 12:05:36 Patient Refusal

11/15/2018 10:16:27 Roadway Obstruction Tree down across the road- Messaged the Road Department CR25 Near Stephen Foster WSFD 702 advised it’s in the City and they can handled It. Enroute and Response Time 00:33:54 Cancelled Road Department Power Company arrived Tree Moved. Total Call Time: 02:24:17

11/11/2018 20:52:51 Person Sick Priority 5 16902 Suwannee Street Extension Primary Unit Med 1 EMS ; Paged EMS Paged WSFD 20:53:27; 36 year old Adult Female has asthma; taking Breathing Treatment No Relief; Med 1 enroute and Responded taking patient to Lake City Medical Center. Response and Enroute Time 30:37 Total Call Time 01:20:48

11:04:2018 22:05:45 Person Sick Priority 5 Primary Unit WSPD WS2 Backup WSPD WS4 EMS Med 2 67 Year Old Male subject had difficulty breathing Med 2 acknowledged. Requested First Responders; Paged WS FD Paged Genoa Fire Department M2 Enroute from Jennings; Patient Blood Sugar 229 Had a breathing treatment 5 minutes also Med 2 ETA 25 Minutes Med2 arrived 22:20:12 WSPD WS2 enroute 22:11:50; WS4 Enroute 22:11:51 WS2 on Scene 22:16:08; WS4 on Scene 22:16:09 Complications decided to go. Patient on Vehicle

10/24/2018 11:10:11 Suspicious Incident Priority 1 Primary Unit WSPD WS1 Enroute and Response time 00:06:58 Suwannee Bridge Complainant states that on the bridge there are large amounts of blood on the guard rail and on the sidewalk. Per WS1 There is Wet Blood, Dog Hair and Paw Prints on the bridge. John from the Ag Station and WS1 agrees that a dog was killed on the Bridge and then thrown over into the River. WS1 has pictures Paged WSFD 702 On Scene.
10/23/2018 01:38:26 Person Sick 16797 Mill Street Priority 5 Primary Unit Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office; Back Up Unit Med 1 EMS 85 Year old Male UNSON;HCSO advised EMS that it’s a possible stroke; Med 1 on scene 02:04:10 Paged EMS; Paged WSFD Med 1 Acknowledged No Response WSFD Check on ATU Stroke Alert; Fly if they can Fly; 9 Minutes Lift Plus 5 Minutes Flight; Paged Genoa for Landing Zone. Air Transport on the Ground 02:38:30 and in the Air 02:51:00;

10/18/2019 10:34:58 Roadway Obstruction Priority 2 16602 River Street Tree Down, Pole Broke and Lines in Tree WSFD 702 On Scene 10:35:29; Messaged Duke Energy Cleared the Scene 13:05:30 Total Call Time: 02:30:51

10/11/2018 00:04:03 Fire/Explosion Primary Unit WS2 WSPD Backup Unit WS4 WSPD Enroute and Response Time 00:06:50 00:05:09 Paged WSFD Tree on Fire and Power Line is in it; Repaged WSFD; 00:11:24 Paged Genoa SVEC Emailed; Squad 61 HCSO in Route; WS2 Advised No Flaims; Squad 61 Advised another Tree by Cemetary: Moving it when they’re with this call; Email update sent; No response to the first. Nearest address given to SVEC was 8762 SE 191st Avenue; Genoa on Scene advised no sparking but is on the Powerline 56:08

10/08/2018 07:47:14 Person Sick Priority 5 Primary Unit Med 1 EMS 36 year old female had chest pains and difficulty breathing; EMS acknowledged Med 2 enroute from Jennings; Paged WSFD; Med 1 enroute from Live Oak; canceled Med 2 WSFD 702 Arrival 08:13:44 702 on Scene and Canceled 08:13:19 Med 1 enroute Shands Lake City

10/04/2018 18:33:59 Person Sick Primary Unit EMS Med 3; Back up Unit WSPD WS2 EMS and WSFD Paged Elderly Male had difficulty Breathing WS2 WSPD advised; Med 3 Enroute Med 2 Enroute from Jennings Med 3 Arrived Med 2 Cancelled at the Triangle Per Med 3. WS2 Arrived 19:04:19; Med 3 Enroute to Lake City Medical Center and arrived 19:27:15.

10/02/2018 08:16:21 Person Sick, Priority 5 Primary Unit EMS Med 2 Enroute and Response Time 00:23:27 Mill Street/RR Tracks- Was laying on the Porch Steps and Pain; Diabetic; EMS Paged; Caller’s Phone Pinged in front of 10582 Moore St Med 2 will be responding from Jennings; 702 Paged from Genoa Patient now Laying in the Street, Diagonal from the Park ; 702 arrived at Sunrise and oore; Med 2 arrived 08:45:15 Enroute to Shands Lake Shore/ (702 is Andrew Greene’s Number)

10/02/2018 13:17:15 Accident SE CR 135/Bullard Farm SE 182nd Blvd Primary Unit MED1 EMS Backup Units WS2 WS4 WS5 WSPD; HCSO and WSFD Driver is Out/ Rock Truck Overturned;Driver has some Injuries; About six miles out of White Springs EMS WSFD Paged Med 1 Arrived 13:4:35 5611 HCSO Advised to have FHP come from White Springs and to have DOT bring Signs for Road Closed; FHP Given Tag and Drivers License Number. Advised that Bulldozer is enroute from PCS. FHP Arrived 13:58:49 702 Requested EMS be Back Enroute; Med1 Back Enroute WSPD WS2 Arrived Code H; Med 1 Enroute to Lake City Medical Center; Arrived Lake City Medical Center 16:19:13

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