Fwd: two interesting letters to the Editor Wall Street Journal 11/13/2018 of interest not only to my fellow Floridians

First, do not encourage your friends from North-East to settle in our state.

Liberal Snowbirds Bring the Ancient Régime

The more memory-challenged blue staters we get, the more precarious is our tax-haven’s survival.


Nov. 12, 2018 12:20 p.m. ET

Regarding “Notable & Quotable: Snowbird” (Nov. 7): Fortunately for Paul LePage, the soon-to-be former governor of Maine, and for the rest of us already enjoying a state with no income tax, Florida’s razor-thin rejection of far-left Democrat Andrew Gillum for governor means that our favorable tax climate is secure for at least four more years.

Mr. Gillum ran on a platform of “Medicare for all,” a more than 40% increase in Florida’s corporate tax rate, free college tuition and a substantial increase in average teacher pay in the state. Billionaire Democrats pumped millions of dollars into ads supporting Mr. Gillum, with Florida’s 45th-in-the-nation ranking on teacher pay highlighted as an embarrassment. Of course, every time a state bumps up teacher pay in an effort to be above the national average, the national average bumps up. By definition, half of U.S. states are destined to be in the bottom half of teacher pay, but with no income tax, low property taxes, affordable housing and a reasonable cost of living, below-average teacher pay in Florida still may support an average or above-average lifestyle.

Our biggest problem in Florida is that too many people moving down south from any cold, blue state, seem to forget that they didn’t like the tax policies of the states they abandoned. Maybe they think that only the rich and businesses need to be taxed to pay for “free” health care and college, but that is exactly the mentality that produced oppressive taxes in the blue states they left behind. The more memory-challenged blue staters we get, the more precarious is our tax haven’s survival. (my emphasis)

Paul Douglas

Jacksonville, Fla.

Second, deplorables are not uneducated white trash. As other data confirm, very rich (and educated) and very poor unskilled people voted for Hilary while the middle class for Donald

Regarding Daniel Henninger’s “Trump 2.0 Begins” (Wonder Land, Nov. 8): Actual voter demographics paint a much more subtle picture of the great unwashed, uneducated, left-behind, white-male Trump base than commonly thought. In 2016 voters with college degrees favored Hillary Clinton by four percentage points over Donald Trump, but that spread was attributable more to age, race and gender than to education. White male college graduates favored Mr. Trump by 14 points. White women, with or without college degrees, favored Mr. Trump by nine points. The majority of white college graduates over age 45 (i.e., those who graduated before universities became incubators of social-justice warriors) and with annual incomes above $50,000 voted Republican.

Younger college graduates and nonwhite voters have much less ideological diversity than do over-age-45 white female and male voters, a point rarely made by the media. Contrary to the media narrative, plenty of voters with college degrees still vote for Republicans—and smart, younger, urban voters may do the same once they have more years of real-world experience and more taxable income that is coveted by their democratic-socialist idols.

Those of us resisting the progressive hipster wave may not be delighted with Mr. Trump or the GOP, but we are not as dumb as we look to the media. For the record, 75% of nonwhite voters without college degrees voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. A smaller percentage of less-educated white voters supported Mr. Trump.

Bill Roberts

Richmond, Va.

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