Firebird, it is absolutely true. Public Officials are not to supposed to get rich at your expense

From FIREBIRD on Trump is against the “Congress Gravy Train” and it is time to stop the bleeding [Pending]

Is this really true? It does NOT sound true….because it’s TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Even from Trump!


Firebird, Trump has his own money and Melania has even more than he does of her own money.  He went into office to clean the swamp and is not tied to all the lobbyists like many of those who have been in office.  The reason many in office dislike him is because he feels they should not be taking salaries once leaving office and there should be term limits.  After a while, like our own Bill Nelson, they do nothing for the people.

Trump has not taken a salary while Obama is misusing his money while out of office and the expense of the secret service for his lavish vacations.  Trump has provided his own millions to flood victims as well as truckloads of supplies and he does not brag about it.   There are too many politicians who live high on the hog, having benefits such as medical, which is not offered to the average person.  It is obvious, the longer a politician stays in, the less they do for the people; they become comfortable and they need the lobbyists money to line their pockets, unlike Trump.

Politicians say that they do what they do because they want to see their nation prosper. If true, why would they willingly take so much money away, as opposed to letting it stay in the budget?

The only argument I’ve ever heard of is that the high salary is needed to attract the best. This seems contradictory: the high salary will not attract “the best”, the high salary will attract everyone, and the best will be lost in the ensuing mass of people all claiming to be servants of the country.

The Media will not broadcast the many beneficial things Trump has and is doing for the Country.  He will get an abundance of flack from both parties on it but I guarantee, he wishes to change the manner in which the politicians receive so much more than the people they serve and to eliminate the term limits which make most politicians “fat and lazy”.

It is time to Drain the Swamp and President Trump, love him or hate him, is keeping his promises to the people and no president has ever done as much as he has in this very short time.  The Dems have only two things to complain about (1) Trumps personality and (2) Healthcare, which the Dems would not sit down with the Republicans to work out viable plans for lower costs…and especially to lower drug costs which those who line their pockets with the Lobbyists, will never try to do.

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This came out of Quora and it is interesting regarding how Politicians become rich and I am certain the longer in their office, that wealth becomes exponentially larger.


Geoff Leigh
Geoff Leigh, Enterprise/Data Architect and Entrepreneur, Miami (2001-present)

OQ: What are common ways some politicians get rich while in office (list both legal and illegal means)?

The Legal:

  1. With their cachet, they can write (or ghost write) a book in their spare time or before being propelled to a high office, and promote the book and have additional speaking engagements with a fee that usually is in excess of their public servant’s remuneration.

2. They can invest or support a business from their own funds and watch it grow, or more usually through a Blind Trust, have very expert Money managers and a positive economy that makes money for them.

3. Hold Non-Executive Director positions in firms or continue to receive a salary from a previous employer, perhaps as a sabbatical arrangement that was made when they got elected.

The less ethical, but arguably not illegal:

  1. Receive event tickets, holiday trips and leisure activity entry (golf, fishing, sailing) from supporters, Family, Freinds and Lobbyists, so that they may enjoy some of their favorite past times with no cost to themselves, conserving their income from public service.
  2. Getting a Salary from Campaign Donations even before being elected.

The Illegal:

  1. Accept Bribes or Kick-backs from Vendors that provide services when they win or bid for contracts for public works. This is for events that the politician has some power to decide personally.
  2. Insider trading – buying and selling shares of entities that win or lose government contracts, to which the politicians are party to the decision making process in advance of public knowledge of the facts.
  3. Obtaining graft money from entities applying for licensing or other necessary official documentation, for either ‘fast-tracking’ the application, Erasing any infraction, dismissing potential events that have broken regulations or laws, or instructing the administrative group to process it without regard to anything negative that might otherwise prevent the desired outcome. This is for events that the politician can exert pressure on the Administrative groups, but does not have any power to make any decisions.
  4. Extorting money from targets that may have illegal activities or have supported or perform acts counter to the interest of the Politician or close associates, such as threatening official audits, law enforcement harassment unless payments are made.
  5. Embezzle or divert public funds for personal projects, property acquisitions, lavish travel not related to the function of the position held, or expenses above that which is paid as stipend.

These 5 have been frequently part of pretty much all democracies, as all power corrupts. There are too many opportunities to be seduced by a quick buck and not worry about a thing being ethical or illegal, especially as all politicians need more and more money for campaigns to be elected, and sometimes pay people to vote for them – as well as many organizations wanting to do business and secure government contracts and are prepared to do anything to further their needs.

Thank you for the A2A, Bill.

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