Fire Report to be given at the Meeting on Tuesday the 13th

The White Springs Volunteer Fire Rescue reported five (5) calls for service for October 2018

Four were located in Town Limits and one located within the County.  These consisted of three Medical, one MVA and one Down Tree (the one that took 45 minutes to respond to?)


It was advised the Station was manned during Hurricane Michael.

The WSVFR received three decontamination kits from the State Fire Marshal’s Office

The Engine purchased from Windsor will be returned from Southern because it was not repaired due to the cost of those repairs.


The members sponsored a Soft Ball Team for the youth in Columbia County.  What about White Springs?  Don Wilson at one time sponsored a team here but I guess White Springs is not important.

The WSVFR passed out candy on October 31st from  6:00 pm to  9:00 pm at the station.  Some of the people said they were expecting hot dogs but fortunately we had food for those who didn’t get a chance to eat before taking their children out.


Just as a reminder, the Town will be discussing the Hamilton County Fire Protection and Related Emergency Services Agreement which Hamilton County provided and the Commissioners signed in September.  The Town has not agreed to the contract and probably wishes changes to the Agreement because of our current Fire Department situation.


It is likewise interesting that no repairs will be accomplished on the Windsor Engine; The Town has no cap on Legal Expenses but when it comes to fixing up a Fire Engine, obviously there is some unknown cap and we don’t even know if the other Engine we own is working.  That engine, unlike the Windsor Engine did not pass the pumping test at one time.


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