External security is more important than working on the Town’s financial problems?

If you were the new Town Manager, interim or permanent, wouldn’t you consider looking into the financials and all of our grants to determine what our cash flow was really like?

Wouldn’t you set up some type of spreadsheet listing dates, when certain events or responses to Town Business are required including monetary payables if required?

Wouldn’t you make an inventory of all assets owned by the Town and determine what needs to be done (i.e. maintenance, repairs and sales of salvage items?

Wouldn’t you review what an actual manager should do because Mr. Jones is not a consultant by law because in order to be a consultant, like an attorney or an accountant, he would need his own business FEIN or Social Security if he is a sole proprietor; he would need to report and give information to the Council to act on but he could not be told what to do on a daily basis by council members nor could he be told what his hours are, nor could he be paid as an employee with deductions taken out.

Instead he works his regular part-time hours and I am certain he doesn’t assist Yvonne Bryant so thankfully Mrs. Brazil has volunteered.

He did manage to get our fire department back, but not in a manner in which a manager would handle the situation, causing further dissension among the former and current firefighters which we do not need. And he certainly did not keep the councilor(s) out of the decision making situation which at least McKenzie knew that the council could not hire but could fire per the Charter.

Instead he feels people need to sign in at Town Hall for security purposes and that we need locks and cameras at the Wastewater Plant and at Town Hall. Where are the internal controls which history states we need far more than external controls?

Then we look at Jasper and here we have a new Manager that not only managed but he took over the clerk’s position and obviously knows exactly what has happened to the Jasper financials and what the Town may or may not do to stay in the “black” instead of the “red”. No instead we hire someone who the Council, mainly our Mayor, has to explain what to do and who to contact. By now Mr. Jones should have figured out from paperwork and what is going on who the players are in the area and what is necessary without the council telling him what to do.

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