Does the Miller fiasco tell you what a hypocrite Rhett is?


WOW. He throws out Miller for doing the same things he allows and supports here in Jasper as their Attorney? I’m stunned and quite speechless.


Annise, he throws out anyone that questions him or is more intelligent than he is and who wishes to follow the laws.  He probably hangs with a couple of councilors in Jasper, and that is what happened to your experienced Town Clerk, Jennifer.  He can’t stand anyone who may find that he is lawless and wrong.  From what we see, he runs all the meetings in Jasper anyway…that is not what an attorney is supposed to do.   Rhett is out of control and it is probably because of his cocaine habit.  If he’s animated you know he has just snorted some just prior to the meeting and the sad part is if we have long meetings he takes a break and God knows if he’s snorting again because he comes back animated again. The only time he’s sensible to some degree is when his adopted Sister Paige sits in the audience.

These councilors treated Miller horribly and she did nothing wrong.  But they are sure busy embezzling, misappropriating money and making certain their cronies and cousins get all the benefits of the taxpayers money, including the one who is supposed to be our fire chief, who can’t get anyone to work under him because he is not fire chief material nor does he have the firefighter I and Firefighter II certifications.  What a joke.  Today we heard fire engines start and within less than a couple of minutes, there was silence.  What happened we don’t know.  The Engine probably died.


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