Did you ever see Stacy’s introductory letter to WS of 2015?

June 24, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am interested in working for the Town of White Springs, and I am applying for the Town Manager position.  I am a Florida native, and I am committed to remaining a lifelong resident.

I have been working in local government since 1996 when I received my Master of Public Administration degree from UCF.  The positions I’ve held have given me a wide variety of experience in local government.  I worked in the City of Sanford Community Development Department for seven years and gained extensive knowledge of planning, grants, code enforcement, condemnations, permits and licensing.  Being the code enforcement manager exposed me to many challenging situations.  I reported monthly to the City Commission and the Code Enforcement Board.  I was also a guest speaker at the Sanford Historical Society meeting, there were many smaller meetings with citizen leaders within the Historical Society.  There were opportunities to work with diverse racial and ethnic groups in Sanford.  While at Volusia County, I was heavily immersed in zoning.  I’m very familiar with applications for special exceptions, rezoning, variances and comprehensive plan amendments.

For the last ten years, I was employed by the City of DeBary as the City Clerk.  I was also serving as the HR Director until March of 2014 when our manager reorganized.  I was responsible for getting our in-house code enforcement department going and have written numerous ordinances to amend the code.  I instituted a city-wide records management plan last year.  I implemented webcasting of our City Council meetings and was responsible for managing the recent upgrade for streaming to mobile devices.  I serve as the liaison to the Historic Preservation Advisory Board and the Charter Review Commission.  I communicated with the elected officials almost daily.  I interacted regularly with neighboring cities and Volusia County.

Serving as a city clerk in a very small organization provided me with a general overall knowledge of all facets of government.  I’m comfortable working with various internal departments and external governmental agencies.  Being a city clerk provides a big picture perspective that I think makes me a good candidate for this position.  As you can see from my resume, I haven’t held a town manager position yet; I believe that is plus because I bring a fresh perspective to the table and I am hungry for new challenges.

Thank you for your consideration.


Stacy Tebo

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  1. And, she filled out an application too. Has TJJ?? Oh wait, he is not an employee. He is……heck who knows. I say he is Helen and Anita’s do boy. Am I wrong Joe? If he is a Consultant, he has no authority over any employee in the town government right? I think you said that before. I still think it goes back to whatever the motion and second was in that meeting. That should put the issue to rest. If he was voted in as manager, and they don’t want him to be designated as such, they need to re-vote. What do you think?

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