Compared to Jasper and other Towns who have great staff, we in White Springs only have dimwits

When Joe contacted the City of Jasper, regarding their handling of the Local Option Fuel Tax, although he was referred to the City of Jasper Site, Jasper’s Finance Director made it clear that Jasper follows the State Law.


So why then if Ken Daniels is the CPA for Jasper as well as the Town of White Springs, would there be such discrepancies in how the restrictive funds of the Local Option Fuel Taxes are handled?  Well, there can only be one answer.   Our Staff at the Town of White Springs, including specifically Pam Tomlinson Finance Director and Town Manager Stacy Tebo are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.  Obviously unlike the Staff in Jasper..and I know former Town Clerk Jennifer Hightower, is one of the brightest, they can read and understand State Statutes and interlocal agreements  whereas White Springs doesn’t have a clue.  If White Springs does understand they are mis-spending, they certainly would not admit to it because they like doing what they want to do even if it is against the law and corruption at its finest..


And although Ken Daniels is a CPA for both Jasper and White Springs, he obviously does not understand the State Statutes, and perhaps that is not his bailiwick, but most likely, since Pam Tomlinson and Stacy Tebo had no clue as to how they could use the money, Ken Daniels helped them out by indicating such money could be spent on salaries, because in his words and Rhett Bullard’s words, Pam tells someone to do something or handles the billings; Stacy as the Town Manager directs everyone; I am not sure what the police do, perhaps barricade a road, but this goes on an on, leaving our roadways in White Springs an absolute sham. It’s all in the word “Operations” Ken Daniels opines…yet I don’t see an “executive supervisor” on the roadways in any of them.


So if our staff had the intelligence required, and our Attorney/Councilor and Former Mayor Rhett Bullard could comprehend a statute, this mis-spending would not have happened….or would it have anyway, because our Town has no idea how to run itself without mis-spending and increasing attorney fees that we the people have to pay.


It is sad we have such a group of Misfits and the fact that Bullard, Lofton, Brown and McKenzie can’t understand the law when Councilor Miller made it quite clear, is beyond the pale.  It may be noted that all of this mis-spending happened on Rhett Bullard’s watch and would not have happened on Councilor Miller’s watch.


Obviously Pam can’t handle anything without the advice of someone else and Stacy is not one from whom advice should be taken.  Look at the invoice Hamilton County sent on the Jewett Street project.  Hamilton County Did the work; White Springs was paid by FEMA and other sources but did not keep a separate account
After Two years, Hamilton County wanted the money.  Pam indicated she didn’t pay because she did not have an “invoice” even though Hamilton County’s paperwork specifically stated “invoice” with a breakdown of what was done; Then Pam told the citizens and councilors that she thought Hamilton County was going to do the work for free.  Next Stacy Tebo arrives.  Shirley Heath couldn’t figure out how to pay Hamilton County.  Stacy Tebo couldn’t figure out how to pay the County.  And Louie Goodin had to come over and help with the computer system to show how it could be done so the County could get its money.  And because the funds were not held to be payable to the County, the Town already spent the money and had to take funds of approximately $55,000 from the Enterprise (Sewer and Water) Account.


Then we wonder how White Springs is on the verge of bankruptcy and needs more takes and fees applied against the citizens and spends money on attorneys but not on our infrastructure.  This crap has to stop. Sooner or later, the town will run out of “Other People’s Money” then what?  Are there any intelligent beings on Staff in White Springs?  No, I don’t think so, because Rhett Bullard retains only the dimmest of bulbs on staff, quite  possibly so they don’t question his ridiculous actions.
And it will be said again, an “excavator” purchase is not the type of equipment that would be included in streets and roads.  If a Road grader was purchased, then perhaps.  But we have asphalt roads with nothing but potholes and the infrastructure is exploding in sinkholes…the sinkholes being a use for an excavator but still not construed “transportation”

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