Well dang, sounds like you, BornandRaised is the true stalker. Talk about violating privacy rights, do you follow this one particular member that often? Sounds like unrequited love to me. You mention 4 bullies but only refer to one. Someone has a serious crush! The old chief walked out because the smear campaign was immature and ridiculous. I did my homework and as a professional I respect what the man did by walking out. What the town council did was totally unprofessional and handled poorly.


  1. I think you are wrong. Jo Jo is the only member of the Greene family to have experience with a male lover, i.e. Townsend. Maybe I’m wrong on both counts.

  2. How wrong you both are! Who am I? Brazil I called no names but you did yourself prove your a bully with your post! I have plenty more and as a grown mature man I choose to hold my hand. You have no idea just as griffin has no idea. He in his scooter to make it look good but, video shows he really don’t need it! Who am I?

    1. Actually, Brazil called you out in his comment. Unsure how my comment proved me being a bully…Unless calling you out on your creepy stalking tendencies is bullying to you. I can be a grammar bully though! You are = you’re not your. You sir have now proven yourself as a bully, demeaning others for their disabilities. Grown maybe but a mature man you are not, you should be ashamed of yourself! Not to mention stalking people and videoing them is being a harassing bully. You have plenty more what? Creepy tendencies? Please feel free not to share those!

    2. I agree. I don’t need it for anything under 100 yards. More than that and I can’t do it. Therefore the Wheelchair. I haven’t driven a “scooter” in almost 5 years, best of my memory. If you want to drive me around for any of my trips of more than 100 yards will be happy to consider it. I don’t know who you are either but I know Jo JO is a lying freaking fraud who took the town for a ride for 8 years. I have reasonable suspicion that Jo Jo is a homosexual or at least BI sexual. l hope his wife knows about his past. Doubt me. I’d love to put Townsend and Jo Jo on a witness stand. Wanta chance it?


  3. Hey born an raised if you got this on me then bring it on lets see it lets play this game. You call me a bully really you dont know shit about me not one damn thing. Because i have all the conversations Doctor green had with my employer dates an times. I have the dates an time someone called my employer from city hall an that person claimed to be a city employee an you all making up false statements about me to them an yes they were proven to be false an i did not break of the county policys but i tha k you for trying to get me fired 4 different times take the food out of my childrens belly you tried to take the roof from over there heads you tried to get me kick off my fire department by yet again making false statements to them an yet again you failed. Yet you call me a bully you might want to look in the mirror. Lets play this game. O yeah an by the way dont for get that this so called Doctor Green was the one who yelled at the top of her lungs tell me a citizen of this town to Go an i quote (Fuck Themselves) in uniform thats truly professional also this is the same person who an her husband where sent home from the folk festival because they where making out an making sexual statement to each other in a patient care area making other members extremely uncomfortable thats truly professional ant it. So i say again lets play this game.

  4. Who am I? You still have no clue! Search as you may bully has been do boy! Oh did I say that. Pittman is nothing but a fraud along with Brazil that looks to from his bully pit. Pittman has never publicly stood for his self but, gets talks his cronies into bulling others. What excellent folks. Not! Griffin just can’t figure out who to go after. This one that one. Whom will it be next? You just can’t stand it when someone that anyone of doesn’t know does have (Video & Photo’s) of your wrong doings! Who am I?

    1. Look here you fuck boy you call me a fraud how is that you talk all this shit saying you have videos photos an all this i still bullshit. If you had any balls you would bring this to a meeting. You call Pittman a fraud but that man did more for that department then any chief before him we are sorry that little Andrew didn’t like that he was about to be removed from the assistant chief spot because he can never make as a firefighter he couldn’t even pass his training he had to have a friend sign off on his paperwork because he new he was not going to make it along with his wife who is a safety hazard to herself an anyone around her on the fire grounds. A fraud you say you might want to look at your little boy toy Andrew an his truly unprofessional wife just because you wear a tshirt doesn’t make you a firefighter and thats exactly what they are tshirt wearers they dont the first thing of it takes to do the job. Yes you damn right i am a bully i will bully Andrew every damn time i get because he along with his wife tried multiple times to try an have me fired my job an there are four things you dont fick with me about is my money family friends an my truck an they went after my money by going after my job so you know what yes i have every right to be pist off with them. You can keep on saying what you want because i dont give a shit no more you ant nothing but a wanna be badass computer tuff guy. Im still going to call you out bring them videos pictures bring what ever the hell you have to the next meeting. An if you talk shit about my father an call him a fraud you might want to rethink your words that man is more then you ever will be an has done more then you can even think of doing try an talk shit about him you have no idea what hell you will bring down on yourself.

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