Well ain’t this a shocker White Springs now has a part-time code enforcement Officer Shonda Werts. Where oh where did Ms. Werts come from? Georgia we hear. And why did she move to White Springs? Well she is apparently the girlfriend of none other that Arthur Natteal. Isn’t it odd that no City job posting was done for a part-time Code Enforcement Officer the job just magically appeared and poof we have a new City employee. Does Ms. Werts have any certification to be a Code Enforcement Officer? Also without a Code Enforcement Magistrate there are no teeth behind anything she does to enforce City code. While I am all for cleaning up White Springs, I don’t think vehicles and tall grass are our big problems. How about illegally inhabited structures such as the shed across from the Dollar General someone is living in that is illegally attached to sewer, water, and electric. Were tap fees paid on this residence to hook up? I would bet not. What about all the trash on Mill Street, oh sorry can’t mess with that side of town. And bringing in business just who in their right mind would invest money to bring a business into this cluster the way Town government treats citizens and businesses.

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become a legalized version of the first.” …Thomas Jefferson


  1. The part time code enforcement job opening was advertised on page 5B (classified ads) of the July 25, 2018 Suwannee Democrat as 8 hours per week @ $13.00 per hour, position open until
    August 10, 2018.

  2. It may have been posted in the paper not saying it was or wasn’t im just saying its funny they hired this lady out of the blue with no clue on what she is doing only reason she got the job is because she is related to someone or is blowing someone important o ya thats right she dating the next suck up gang of three member Author you heard it right folks he will be replacing Walter or Dr.Miller just watch its what this town council wants.

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