Bullard loves all his corrupt children!

I understand Rhett Bullard has been trying to peddle around Town Andrew Gillum signs and apparently there were not very many takers!   Bullard loves corrupt people;   It’s obvious with Tracy Rodriquenz as Chief, with an assault and battery charge and a DUI; Stacy Tebo as druggie; and now Casey Kinsey who worked with K-9’s in Live oak is charged with a felony.  And I understand he allegedly was fired from his job in Live Oak because he was charged with knocking down the door and abusing a ex-girlfriend in Madison FL..  Wow!!!

Anyway for those of you who did not know Tracy’s background, you may find this interesting:


Tracy Rodriquenz was initially the lieutenant for the White Springs Police Department. Prior to that Tracy was a hair stylist.
At the time Chief Subic was fired by reason that he attempted covering his pregnant mistress under the health insurance policy, Walter McKenzie wished for Tracy to become the new Chief of Police but Tracy had just been charged for a DUI after an alleged altercation at a bar in Jacksonville with a Jacksonville police officer.  After she left the bar she was followed and charged with a DUI. Thereafter Chief Brookins was hired as the White Springs Chief of Police and Tracy remained his lieutenant.
When Joe Griffin moved to White Springs there was tremendous controversy due to him being a truck driver and that he parked his truck on the berm or flail owned by the Town in front of his house. Although he was away most of the time hauling goods for his employer, the neighbors across the street at that time had a problem with Joe parking his truck on the berm.  One day, they made some comments to him and Joe yelled back at them regarding his rights as a citizen. Tracy had her squad car parked at the end of the block so when Joe yelled at the neighbor, Tracy arrested Joe for disorderly conduct.  At the time Joe did not know that Tracy and Carin Copeland, the neighbor’s wife were the closest of friends.
Joe had a right to be upset because even the day he moved into his house, the police hassled him because his tractor trailer unit blocked part of the road while he was moving furnishings in.
The Town also set up a new policy whereby anyone parking on the berm would be fined, but this policy only applied to Mill Street.  So although Joe received the majority of the fines, the Sistrunks who lived next door complained to Joe because they also received a ticket as did others.  When a new officer did not understand the policy and fined someone at the Tilferd Hotel, the officer was fired.  Joe has attempted securing these special policies which were made only for him, but to date, they have been denied.
She was friendly initially to both Joe and I when I moved here.  She only warned Joe that people were after him and would like to hurt him so he should use his wheel on the sidewalks if they were there rather than on the roadways.
Prior to Chief Joseph Subic, Jr. (A U.S. Traitor whose charges were dropped by President Reagan) being terminated, he and the investigating officer for an assault charge against Tracy contacted the Assistant State Attorney Teresa Drake at the misdemeanor criminal court house in Gainesville wherein he guaranteed to discipline Officer Capalla (Tracy).
She also had an assault charge against her of July 10, 2005 whereby she hit the victim in the face with a closed fist causing small lacerations above the left eye. Tracy was angry because she had overheard a conversation between the victim and another person while inside the restroom of a nightclub where Tracy was the topic of conversation.  She was required to go to Anger Management Classes.  Subic was fired and Ken Brookins then vouched for her and she then remained his lieutenant


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