Born and Raised loves all the corrupt dealings of the prior Gang of Three and our prior town manager

Let’s take the complaints by the Griffins away for a moment and just base some of Born and Raised’s obvious acceptances herein: After all he obviously accepts the following because he has vehemently complained about us raising these issues to the Commission on ethics.

  • Born and Raised apparently doesn’t feel that removing Kevin Pittman and the only good fire department we ever had was not a bad thing. He loves Steve Stith and Andrew Green who did not report for fires or assist in accidents or helicopter landings for almost two years. Who cares about the safety of those in White Springs.
  • Born and Raised feels it’s great that we have large potholes and cracks all over our streets and that we used the money to pay people and buy more toys like the excavator and trailer and a new truck.
  • Born and Raised feels that Andrew Greene should have hid the sexual paraphernalia from FDLE so that Townsend was never in trouble and can continue to do what he always has.
  • Born and Raised thinks there should be favoritism to liars and tattlers like Andrew Greene was so that he would have a wonderful Fire Red SUV for his personal use. After all he is the favored boy who probably was involved with the Gay Mafia and the parties that he and Stith put together at the old Fire Station before Pittman was hired.
  • Born and Raised feels it is okay to fire a new young father from being a police officer with that officer’s only crime being he resigned from Code Enforcement because he could not do what Tonja Brown demanded. Yet there were no complaints about him being a police officer that would have promulgated his termination, or request to quit.
  • Born and Raised loved Stacy Tebo and felt that her biased and unfair treatment of Helen Miller was spot on, getting rid of the best fire department we ever had, the taking of money from LOFT, Taking off half the hours of her position for personal use and breaching her contract, paying an employee for two years for not working, and the favoritism of Andrew Greene and Steve Stith were how a good manager operates.
  • Born and Raised feels Rhett Bullard because he is an attorney and born and raised here should have benefits others do not so that he does not have to pay his water deposits but expects others to do so. That is because he is special.
  • Born and Raised feels it was perfect that we hired an attorney to get Stacy Tebo out of Trouble in the Rivers Case when she definitely discriminated against Rivers.
  • Born and Raised thought it was okay for us to pay for almost $ 20K to defend Stacy Tebo in her charges of our Council member Helen Miller to make certain Miller’s seat was forfeited.

These were just some of my complaints and the ones sent to the Commission. I have no idea what Joe’s complaints were about. But I can tell you, we were not the only ones to have complained and no we do not have to stalk anyone, Born and Raised because this information is given to us freely and always has been. And if we need information from Town Hall to verify something, Joe requests and pays for public records or secures the appropriate sources in the court system. What do you do to better the Town???….but oh, I forgot, you like what has been done so now you have the aforementioned credits of what you feel is okay in this town.

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  1. Who am I? You see this post shows your hate! This post also shows your vendetta and as stated your complaint will be found unfounded idiot! Are you reading this or is your warped way of thinking just frozen on the hatred of some and fail to admit this since your (Narcissistic personality disorder which is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others!) Who am I?

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