Blackjack 21 responds to the Code Inspector position

It may have been posted in the paper not saying it was or wasn’t im just saying its funny they hired this lady out of the blue with no clue on what she is doing only reason she got the job is because she is related to someone or is blowing someone important o ya thats right she dating the next suck up gang of three member Arthur you heard it right folks he will be replacing Walter or Dr.Miller just watch its what this town council wants.


Karin’s Comment:

If you were at the last meeting listening to what Arthur said, it is scary.  His mind is like Tonja Browns and the only reason he was proposing a parade and a special event on Black History Month is there probably is a way he or the Radio station can make money.  Arthur goes where he may make a buck and the only reason he ran was to take votes away from Miller.  McKenzie who had his own gang of three lawless group has no chance in winning the next election.  Unlike Miller who works for her constituents, McKenzie has not done one thing.  Rhett and Tonja are up next and they definitely need to be voted out.

Anita Rivers, Tom Moore and Fred Robinson (And how about one of the former firefighters 0 we need young blood) consider running against these two corrupt officials (Tonja and Rhett vote them out this next April) who are taking White Springs down.

Karin for the blog

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