Blackjack 21 is Right – The Town wants the Money but they don’t want to work for it but since we have fake rosters, they can’t comply anyway

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  1. It seems funny to me that last night at the meeting the town was speaking about the contract from Hamilton county for the fire department. The town was saying they dont agree to it an want to change things like having a certified fire personal at all call or the town does not get paid for that quarter and that they don’t agree that it has to be a certified fire fighter also the attending the monthly county fire training. The county is saying they want 60% of the department to attend witch is understandable seeing as in the fire service you train like your life an the life of other depend on it. Hamilton county is being nice to the town of White Springs an this town should be grateful for it because the county could say go f yourself we aren’t giving you a dime you are on your own. I truly hope the county will stick to there guns an tell the town this is what we want from you or you are not getting an money from us. It seems to me that Steve an Stacy are wanting money for not doing a damn thing they think the county should give the town money no matter what i just truly hope the county does not give in to this gang of fools or should i say gang of Rejects.

    Karin’s Comment:  That’s my stand completely and I’m on the agenda.

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