As the “Watch” has many times mentioned, White Springs is possibly the most Corrupt Town in the State of FL

Many question why we would pick on White Springs, but ignore what is happening in Jasper.  I guess Jasper has had it’s difficulties with its manager who no longer works for Jasper; and for the fact that they removed an excellent Town Clerk for no reason whatsoever, except for the fact that one councilors and Attorney Rhett Bullard wished her to be removed.
But unlike White Springs, their Staff follows the law, especially with respect to Local Option Fuel Tax restrictive funds and if there is any problem relating to the manner in which officials are handling Jasper, it can be attributed for a great part to ignorance and believing what Rhett Bullard tells them to do.
In White Springs, it is a totally different story.  We do not have a Competent Staff and our Restrictive Local Option Fuel Taxes are spent however the town wishes; this year on a new Excavator and Trailer of $60,000 which is totally unnecessary for a town this size and for what is to be done yearly and now we are spending funds on a New 2019 Pickup Truck for our Public Works Person deemed Street and Road.  A new 2018 could have been purchased to save a few bucks, but White Springs needs only the best.
No the difference between Jasper and White Springs is that Jasper official sometimes make mistakes because of sheer ignorance; but in White Springs the officials know what they are doing and what they are doing is purely corrupt and against the law, but that is okay with Bullard, Brown and Lofton…and now McKenzie I believe has joined the three because he wishes to remain an elected official even though he has not done squat for the Town of White Springs.
Therefore, White Springs remains the only corrupt Town, possibly in the State of Florida because from an inquiry made by Joe, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee has stated there have been no complaints of other towns misusing its Local Option Fuel Taxes.  But as long as these officials can get away with it, they feel they are above the law and that is a very, very dangerous scenario for its citizens.
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