Are our Firefighters back?

We received a photo that the doors to the Fire Department were open and that we now have our old Fire Department Back ….Please let us know if Mr. Pittman is again our Chief because that likewise is important to me.
You have all been the greatest group of firefighters anyone could ever hope for and if this is true, we are elated.

This means Mayor Miller has kept one of her promises and finally Vice Mayor McKenzie after two years realizes that he perhaps has been mistaken in all that time but he would never admit he makes mistakes.

Karin Griffin for the blog

9 Replies to “Are our Firefighters back?

    1. Oh Please Johnny whoever you are stop stirring the crap. When was it advertised when Stith or Pueter got the job? No one questioned it then. The two chiefs who never showed up for a call. But now that Mr Pittman is back it is in question? You should really stop. Do you just prefer having no fire dept?

      1. No pot stirring here. The council keeps saying everything is going to be done correctly and in the sunshine. Apparently not. Helen and Walter will turn on Pittman just like she’s turned on other people she’s used.

        1. You most definitely are pot stirring, don’t try to walk it back. You can’t suggest the position was improperly obtained then scoot over the rug like a dog, be accountable for your lies.

  1. Johnny, do you really not know the difference between appointed positions and open hiring or are you really just attempting to create an issue in which you plant doubt by playing on the ignorance of those who don’t know the charter? You weren’t angry David was appointed. Sounds like you suffer from a case of ‘I am angry because I have no way to slander others anymore, so let me just find a hill to die on for the satisfaction of destroying others’. It’s over. You need to move on.

  2. Sounds to me that Helen and Tommie are still up to no good. Neither position advertised nor applications completed. Sounds like a duck and looks like a dick. I believe buck season is is about to be full throttle!

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