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What was the motion made (exact wording) during the Thursday meeting when he was hired? To hire him as a Consultant or Interim Town Manager? Or, Helen’s puppet on a string? He should have never been considered in the first place. Of course, he is Anita’s choice. And, if you will think about it, Anita is running the show now. Just watch and see.

The meeting was at 8:00 am so it was rapid in comparison. There was discussion about him being a consultant but he also was listed as a light Town Manager which is not possible. This is the deal. After the October 30th meeting we spoke to Meagan Logan. The problem is that a consultant cannot be controlled by the council and that is happening. He cannot be a consultant if he does not have a business premises outside of Town Hall. Furthermore a consultant cannot be in the business of the Town, meaning a Town manager, not offering some other type of consulting not usual to the business of a town. It is better explained in my article relating to Florida Law/Statutes. SIMILARLY, FLORIDA USES A RIGHT OF CONTROL TEST TO DETERMINE IF SOMEONE IS AN EMPLOYEE- TOMMIE IS AN EMPLOYEE/TOWN MANAGER BY FLORIDA LAW A consultant is actually an independent contractor and unfortunately for the council who wanted a light manager they could control as there go-for, it probably cannot work.

In any event Meagan Logan is a great attorney and is checking into this because the contract I do not believe can be one of a consultant because of the law distinguishing independent contractors from employees, which Tommie Jones is. In other words it can’t be so, just because the Council said. And on Ms. Logan’s behalf, unless one is involved in the law in the private sector as I was with Manufacturers and Contractors, there isn’t much discussion about independent contractors…and I am certain no other Municipality in a council weak mayor/town manager form of government has ever made such a request. We’ve never heard of a “light Manager”.

In looking at the logic of the matter, the Attorney is a consultant but Meagan works for a firm outside of White Springs and she provides legal services and not municipal business. Meagan or her firm also bills us based upon the amounts stated in her proposal/contract. She is not told what she is being paid like Tommie was by Mayor Miller.

A CPA who does our audits performs work for us but has an office outside of Town Hall. The CPA is providing a specific service and may be consulting. The CPA bills the Town. The Town does not determine the CPA’s salary/hourly rate. Like an attorney, the CPA sets his or her own hours.

Tommie Jones is told what to do; is currently the go-for for all dictates of the council as to whom he should talk to. He works out of Town Hall and has been told what his hourly pay is along with what hours he should work. He has no decision making abilities from what I can see and has to discuss everything he has done verbatim. This is not the Manager/council form of government. A Town Manager makes all the decisions and has control which Mr. Jones does not because of this “light manager” situation.

They made history with the first Black or African American Town Manager but have taken away his rights of responsibility

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  1. We will know more when we listen to the tape (CD Disc) of the 20th’s meeting. Will print what we find out here on the Blog.


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