Andrew Greene is the reason we don’t have a Fire Department – What dirt does he have on Bullard?

The more I look into Complaints made; the more I look into paperwork and the more I take note of Stacy Tebo’s involvement in the fire Department, most likely on Rhett Bullard’s behalf, the more sense our lack of Fire Protection and Safety makes.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the reason we do not have a professional Fire Department with Emergency Services is because of Andrew Greene.   Andrew Greene is the reason we do not have a viable Fire Department. But why is he the reason?  The obvious answer is he has some damning information on Rhett Bullard.

What could possibly cause him to be so upset at every meeting?  Could it be that Stacy Tebo, on the demand of Rhett Bullard, has taken over running the Fire Department?  Why is Stacy Tebo negotiating the Fire Protection and Emergency Service Contract, instead of Steve Stith?   Knowing his situation and knowing that he does not have the firefighters which are required, he has refused to negotiate?  Or, has Ms. Tebo left him out of the loop so that she can keep lying about what we do not have?   Is Ms. Tebo negotiating, most likely, to Save Andrew Greene’s position as Assistant Chief in spite of the detriment to the Citizens of White Springs?   Why is Stacy Tebo even involved?   Why should Ms. Tebo be involved with either Police or Firefighters?   It is obvious Ms. Tebo has no knowledge of policing or firefighting, so why is she involved?  Why doesn’t the council amend the Charter so that the Town Manager does not become involved with Police or Firefighters?  Is it because Rhett is fearful to lose control and especially of the Fire Department because Andrew Greene would be taken off the roster as a firefighter, his red SUV taken away from him and his monthly stipend and credit cards taken back?  What on earth does Andrew Greene have on Bullard and Townsend?  Videos?  Evidence?

Oh, we can blame Steve Stith, if you would like, but let’s face it Rhett and Stacy wanted to be rid of Kevin Pittman in November, right after the Haunted House Situation.   Now I guessed, not being at the Haunted House myself, that perhaps Rhett Bullard had taken a personal  interest in either Kevin Pittman or one of the other Firefighters who did not acknowledge his advances or pay attention to him.  Or, was it perhaps that little Andrew did not get the attention he felt he should have or perhaps Andrew felt,  he  may have been  excluded.

It is my belief that Steve Stith was contacted by Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo to send in his application as soon as they forced Kevin Pittman to step down.  But this had nothing to do about Kevin Pittman’s performance as a Fire Chief.  Even Steve Stith knows that Kevin Pittman was passionate about firefighting and what he had done for the department.  So what was it?  Did Rhett have something on Steve Stith?  Did Rhett strong-arm Mr. Stith into taking the job to protect Greene?  You will notice that once the letter of “No Confidence” was read, Mr. Stith stated such should not have been brought up at a public meeting.  But what I noticed was that the letter also brought forth information on Stacy Tebo for which there was “no confidence” in what she had done as well.  And Rhett Bullard needs to protect Tebo as well so basically everyone in the Fire Department was in trouble for the letter.

What I noted at the commissioner’s meeting and what transpired after my speech, which was heard by others, seemed uncanny. Even though my speech addressed our problems with the lack of a fire department including Steve Stith and blaming the Council and Ms. Tebo for this travesty, Mr. Stith was calm and collected as well as amiable.  It was also noted Mr. Stith  didn’t drive the other Red SUV but instead he drove an older model pickup truck with White Springs Fire Department logos on it to the meeting.  And Mr. Stith’s face was not as red as a beet as it is at every Town meeting he attends where one would have to be concerned about his blood pressure.  Could it be that the drama of his taking over as Fire Chief is getting to him?  Could the fact that Tebo would not allow the necessary repairs to be made on the Windsor Engine upset him?  Could the  fact that Tebo determines what can be spent and what is construed frivolous is finally getting to Mr. Stith who could not keep anyone safe with Tebo saying no to everything which is necessary for the operation, maintenance and safety of not only the firefighters but the Town?   I know something is different and I do not know what that may be.

Perhaps old and new firefighters need to have a discussion and perhaps Hamilton County could assist.  But the main problem, the problem which will not allow White Springs to have a viable Fire Department is not Mr. Stith but rather he is the vehicle which keeps Andrew Greene in the Fire Department with title and benefits?  And as a result, it is the Citizens who suffer.

The only solution is for the Council to make new rules whereby Tebo will no longer manage either the Fire or Police Department.  But as long as Rhett Bullard is on the Council and his two followers Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton, that will not be done and Walter McKenzie appears to be afraid of his shadow these days.  The other solution is to vote for someone other than Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown in the next election, so we may remove Stacy Tebo who is ruining our Town along with the aforementioned councilors and then perhaps we can get Andrew Greene and his Spouse off of the Fire Department at least, where he doesn’t belong if he faints from smoke from a grill?

I know you may think I may be off my rocker and I have admitted on this blog when I have been wrong, but What If?  Steve Stith was not happy with Stacy Tebo when he left after being Fire Chief Previously.  What if, he was asked in advance, to protect Andrew, by placing in his application the minute Pittman stepped down or gave his notice?   Why when Steve Stith knows what is right from that which is wrong but still doesn’t handle things the way he used to?  Is it because he does not have his heart in it?  Does he realize the young brotherhood before him were more passionate about firefighting than he, except for the fact that they did not wish Andrew Greene, nor his spouse in the Fire Department?

Since Steve Stith has spent an abundance of time with Andrew Greene throughout the years, how could he not know about Andrew’s medical condition?   We know Andrew assisted Robert Townsend by getting rid of evidence, but isn’t Andrew a bit more cocky today ?  Is he taking characteristics of his spouse, or does Andrew have something big on Rhett Bullard, so big of a scandal that the Town and especially Rhett have to make certain Andrew is happy, and decided that instead of Rhett footing the bill, it would instead go on the backs of Taxpayers.  So for the sins of Rhett Bullard and Robert Townsend, the Town is required to keep Andrew Greene as a firefighter, even though he faints from smoke  And, as a result, the Town will have no firefighters, depleted fire equipment, stand the chance to lose their property and possibly their lives because Rhett Bullard needs to keep Andrew Greene on the payroll as a Firefighter Assistant Chief or Marshall and allow him to have a two hour a day job.

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