Along with my Speech, I plan on providing your comments to the Commission on the 20th

Also you can throw in there is last year during the storm Stacy bought 2 five gallon gas cans for fire and police 10 gallons of gas is all she got. She didn’t realize that all the fire trucks are diesel she is truly stupid. Lucky they were able to get the sense to hold 50 gallons for them just in case they needed it. Also Stacy never once checked in with anyone in town to see how things were going the only time she ever said a word to someone in town was via text message to find out if the internet was still working at city hall not one question on how are things going everyone ok any damage nope just to find out if the internet was working. She is as worthless as tits on a boar hog.


I know first hand he (Stith)  tried to get me kicked off my new department by going to the chief an telling his lies. Someone also called my full time job making statements that a county truck was parked in my front yard for 3 hours which was a big ass lie and my boss knew it right away because on that day i was not in a dump truck or even close to town.  i was at the far end of the county i work in, operating equipment, so nice try Maybe  round 3 will go better for you. I had nothing to do with someone filing a complaint about Steve to century. i didn’t know anything about it till Steve told me. You see i am the type of man who is not going to mess with someone’s livelihood unless they are doing something wrong. I don’t want to see anyone get fired who does deserve it because i know my job is very important to me. It’s how i feed an take care of my family. I just want to see this town run the way it should be. i want to see true honest people in office; ones who do care about the town and its people not once who just to have a play pen for their buddy’s. I want to be able to raise my children in this community but as of right now i don’t feel like this is the place to do that.  There are definitely things wrong with this town that need to be fixed and right now it is not being done.  There is too much bickering like high school crap.  We just need to stop the bs anf get this town right,  fix the water sewer,  the streets, the overall look of the town keeping the grass cut,  fixing the sidewalks so people can enjoy walking down them instead of tripping over them because they are popping up,  fix the storm drainage problems and if the staff/city employees can’t do this then get rid of them anf bring in people who can. i have never seen an town function so poorly like this in my life. We need to Stand together and work this out fix our town we live here.  Lets make it right for our kids their kids. If we keep going the way we are this town will be like a third world country anf no one will want to live here.

Takes your local Fire Department darn near 45mins to get to town to clear the road of a big tree. This is completely unacceptable. Where is your locals at why is there no local people on the Department?

Joe, Simply no point in attending the Gang of 3 are going to do whatever they want and will back Tebo. They are not going to stop until they break the town bank.


From the word in town is a vehicle went into the river at the boat ramp. There was not fire at the spring house. White Springs Fire was at the boat ramp not sure who or how many but yes they where there. Standing around like always according to sources. This is your friendly neighborhood reporter checking in.


What happened at the boat ramp? Seen FWC CCSO an Hamilton EMS heard the Great magnificent White Springs Fire Department was there but can not confirm it wonder who it was? Was it Steve was it Andrew was it Andrew’s unsafe wife?


Look at the chart carefully. You will notice that Andrew has no link to the rest of the chart. Just like it is in real life. The person who drew this chart up must have been a fortune teller. I wonder if he plays the stock market.


And one more thing johnny who ever you might be i just want you to know i am here to help you an everyone else in this town just know if i am called to help i will be there unlike the people you are defending. I answer the call when it comes i don’t run away from it or try to be late because i am afraid of hard work. i will be there to help anyone in need because it is what i love to do an i am very passionate about it. But i will ask you a question if there was a wreck in town at the time it happened why on earth would they page another department instead of the town’s department? Why would they bypass WSFD and call Genoa what is the reasoning behind this why not call the city’s department who would be the closest to the wreck? Why is it because we don’t have a department in town or was it because they called ahead and said “hey there is no one in town or around town so just call another department”? Ask yourself where was your department and why did they call Genoa.


At least Brazil was part of a real fire department unlike what we have now. Anticipate my insurance premiums to go up any day now,


One person from the fire department showed up there was no sign of the Asst. Chief Andrew he was in town following around Ray Vaughn. We pay this boy to do a job why is he not doing it. He won’t show up to a stabbing but he will run over 100mph from his home in Lake City to town for a down tree? Is this totally justified? Who sent you this email about facts? Let’s see if they can explain this to me. So who ever you might be i want you to explain this to me. Come on big shot use your words and let’s see what you got because believe me i got more facts then you do.  So bring it on champ i got nothing but time.


If it true that you cannot be getting paid for two different jobs by the town then how the hell is Andrew getting paid for more than two jobs? Water department, fire department, fire marshal, an I’m sure still code enforcement>  How is this possible if it is against the law?


Tonight at 1030pm the fire department was paged for a medical call on 41 not sure if it was in White Springs or just outside of town in Columbia county. Andrew got on the radio 10 mins after the call came out and was trying to ditch the call because he was coming from his house 20+ mins away. He made sure to ask if he was needed or could he cancel probably never even left his drive way or his house. Luckily this call was in Columbia County and there fire rescue and EMS handled the call. On another note never once heard Steve he was probably too busy sleeping or out of town. Oh well just happy that the person got the best level of care from what i was told by a third party.


The town of White Springs does not have a Fire Department at this time.  Yes Steve can say what he wants;  he may have names on paper but no one goes to the station.  If it was not for EMS being there, the building would sit empty and run down like the old one. Steve is a liar.  Hhe may speak of all these things he is doing but in reality nothing is being done. I have seen first hand just Steve and Andrew at the station working on some things but no other volunteer i have seen. Steve there by himself putting hose on one of the trucks;  again no other volunteers were there. Steve does not care to have a department. He just wants to keep the building open so little baby Andrew can have a play pen and to keep his office away from city hall. There is no reason to keep Steve or Andrew in the Department or pay them money for services they are not providing. It is time to get rid of the trash ans start fresh. Fire them two from their positions and hire someone new someone who really cares about the town and its people. Steve you need to leave once again and never look back on your way out.  Take your boy toy Andrew with you before you get or he gets someone killed.


 I personally spoke to one of Stevey’s boys/ fire fighter.  Well i can’t say he is a fire fighter because he is not certified but he is a paramedic from what i gathered. I spoke to him for a short while he was unaware of who i was. And he stated to me that he was asked by Steve to let Steve put his name on the list of members so it would help with numbers.  He also stated that he live in Ft. White and if there ever was a fire in town that by the time he got the call got up got dressed got in his car and drove to White Springs the house or whatever was on fire would be burnt to the ground. He also said that he probably would never go to a fire because he does not have any trust in the other members of the department because they never train together or do much of anything as a department. He also stated that he really was just asked to be a name on paper so Steve could say he has people on the department. Most of your fire department members work for Steve with Century Ambulance Service in Columbia County; one works for Alachua County Fire Rescue and is never around do to home problems and work schedule but is willing to show up for paid events or anytime they need to make Steve look like a hero for the news paper. I’ve spoken to many of the people Steve asked to join but turned him down due to the fact they do not wish to work for Steve because they do not feel safe working for him because they have worked for him at Century. We do not have a true department anymore now that Kevin and his other members left; all we have now is names on paper and that will do no good when it comes time to fight a fire of save a life, calls go unanswered all the time. The question to ask yourself is that if you or your family member calls 911 for help from the fire department and no one answers and someone dies, are you finally going to stand up to the powers and have them remove the conflict of interest Steve and the I destroy evidence Andrew the choice is yours.


Thats Fire Marshall Greene on the scene making sure he is seen looking like he is doing something when in fact he is not doing a damn thing like always. The main question is how is the City utility’s person is able to use a city fire department vehicle for his 8 to 2:30 job?  Why are we paying for this? Why are we allowing this? We need to stop paying this boy and let him try to go work in the real world. He wouldn’t last 1 day outside of White Springs.


Simply put.. Dominque could not pass the fire training tests. Andrew wanted her to be signed off as passing tests that she failed. Chief Pittman refused to do that. And that was the demise of our real fire dept. This statement is the truth of what happened. I do not understand why anyone (AKA the town council) sided with Andrew.




Did anyone call 911? An ask for the great Fire Marshal Greene along with his Daddy #2 The I can’t work for this dysfunctional and untrustworthy town manager,  the Great hero in black, and the man the myth the biggest joke of all times Steve Stith.


Nah, it’s very much Dominique’s fault people hate her. She helped orchestrate Andrew’s misadventures with the fire department and encouraged his bad behavior. She is power hungry only getting by on her family’s money and what little charisma she actually has. She found a willing participant in Andrew because he needs to be controlled and she wanted her own pet idiot.


On a side note.. we should all be seriously worried about the pending fourth of July fireworks without a actual real fire department.


WTF? Excuse my language. Can someone please explain to me why the town council never explains these wonderful choices of theirs? From Chief Pittman being forced to resign to there not being any real functional fire dept. to Andrew doing whatever and getting paid for it and now John being fired. Why is no one demanding a straight up direct answer as to why these things are perpetuated? Someone?? Anyone?? Please? It is my understanding that the town council works for us. The people of this town.


Well maybe they will use the money they over charged the state to pay for Folk Fest. $3000 paid to White Springs to have the “fire department” there. White Springs paid Hamilton county EMS $2000 to be there. Now every one please ask yourselves why the White Springs fire dept could not be there? ANSWER.. Because we do not have one!


Little Andrew is a failed young man.  He was never pushed to do anything; never had to work hard in the fields or any kind of manual labor job.  He wouldn’t be able to handle it because of his medical conditions.  He would pass out due to the heat. This town is his play ground and he can do anything he wants an do, no worries. He can leave when he wants still on the clock go to Lake City for over an hour for lunch with his wife and no one cares what he does because he the towns special little boy. I mean very special. If he was to work for me he would have been fired long long ago. He is paid for a full time job that is truly only part time work he makes more than the police officers who risk their lives everyday. All little Andrew does is take water samples, makes sure the water plant is working by checking the automated system.  How hard can that be like come on now?  i bet we could train a monkey to do that but hey he is the towns golden knight a Knight in rusty armor.


Not only those two calls but here is a small list of others calls i have gotten from a creditable source. May 9 at 7pm for medical call no answer from the fire department, May 13 at 6:20pm for a medical call no response, May 19 at 7:15am for a medical call no response, May 27 for a medical call no response, Jun 4 medical call no response from the fire department. Hope it’s not your family member that is sick or in need of help because you definitely cannot count on your local Fire Department to show up or even be in town, when they are too busy in Orlando or Tampa. Hope no one dies because of the lack of emergency response from your fire department if they do i so hope you file a BIG BIG BIG law suit against the town and the fire department along with Steve and Andrew.


See here, the used truck we got is better than the truck we had.  It holds more water; has a bigger pump; and has passed a pump test which the old truck just barely passed the last time It was tested.  It probably won’t pass this go around.

The used truck we knew needed some work to fix some problems it had and when we were in the department we had plans on fixing most of the problems ourselves to save the town money. The funny thing is that the shop, Southern Truck told us the truck was well worth 15,000. 

They even said we could sell it for more than 30,000.  They also said the problem with the oil leak was the timing chain cover and that it was not to bad to change but it would cost more in labor then anything because they charge like $35 an hour for labor so that is the reason we had planned on doing the work ourselves with a certified mechanic. The cost of the parts were about $150 yes the work would have taken a little while but it would have been fixed. So Steve can say what he wants but he is going to lie and say whatever he can to make himself look like the real big hero he ain’t. $15,000 for a truck that runs and drives ain’t bad. Hell if he is smart he might even look at what it would to trade both trucks in for a brand new one or look into a grant to get both trucks repaired and updated and brought into the 21st century. Just my thoughts and opinion.


What the town needs to do is get off their butts and remove Steve as chief along with little joe joe Greene that would be a good start. The next would be to make the Fire Department a full time paid department with at least 3 personal on duty 24/7 ; they keep it what’s called a combination department with paid and volunteers. Yes the towns call volume is not that high but to fix the problem of the current department personal not showing up would be to get paid or to just drop the department and turn it over to the county. We cannot rely on Steve nor Andrew or even the other 8 members he says he has. We need people who are going to show up no matter the time of day due to the simple fact that the town has a lot of elderly folks with medical problems that can’t afford to wait 30 + mins for them to show up along with most of the towns infrastructure being very old meaning old wood home and old mobile homes. This town’s council just needs to fix the problem before someone pays the price. Stand up and remove them 2 bring in new faces along with old ones and make this town’s department great again.


It’s funny that Hamilton county dispatch had to page white springs fire department 3 times and still no one answered the call.  They had to call for Genoa fire department to come help. There was a power line done sparking and burning close to a pickup truck as seen in the photo. After 30 minutes went by, guess who showed up in his little red SUV?.. little baby joe joe (Andrew Greene) with no gear, wearing just his normal city t-shirt,  not even a fire department shirt.  Oh and  guess who else showed up 40 mins after the first page?  The new and so great fire chief Stevie boy in his personal truck.  What a joke these guys are. Yet again i ask you where are the 8 other members of this so called department the ones who live within 10 miles of the city?  Nope none of them showed up. These guys are the biggest joke i have ever seen in my life what a bunch of fake Wanna B’s. These are the people who we as town citizens have to rely on when we call 911. This should be there new slogan “White Springs Fire Department you cannot count on; For real help call another Fire Department”.


From what ive been told by a few of the former fire fighters was that phone calls were made to their work by someone claiming to be from White Springs city hall and making false claims against them to their employers. That is some lowlife crap! What a loser whoever you are. Trying to mess with these people’s livelihood just for your entertainment you sir or ma’am are a piece of crap and I hope one day Karma bite you in the ass.


All you need to do Stevie boy is step down along with your baby little joe joe an never step foot back in city hall nor the fire station again. That is not to much to ask for.


Yet again where was Steve Stiths 8 members this morning at around 4am when the fire department was paged out for a MVA “crash” on I75 with entrapment ….which means someone is stuck in the car?. Who oh who showed up? Was it Andrew and his wife?  No No, it was not. Who could it have been that showed up? Was it any of the other members?  No No, it was not. It was Steve by himself;  just him in the brush truck and what happened when he got there,  he didn’t have any of the proper equipment to do the job because you guessed it, it’s on the Fire engine which still in the shop in Lake City. Boy Oh Boy is Steve a liar in what He says he’s got 8 members 4 of which live within or about 10 miles of town so. Where are they? Looks like it’s going back to the old ways of it just the Steve and Andrew show;  that’s if Andrew and his wife are not in Disney or Tampa and  Steve feels like doing his job.  But hey that’s what the town wants so that’s what they get.  Stacy Tebo really did mess up getting rid of Kevin and all the ones who left with him. What a shame this town had a Department that was doing so well;  had the most members its ever had;  the most trained ones as well, but Andrew nor his wife could hack it so they did what they did to get their papa bear Steve back in and now look at what we have WHAT A JOKE FIX THIS PROBLEM NOW TOWN COUNCIL BEFORE SOMEONE DIES BECAUSE YOU FAILED THEM GET OFF YOUR ASS AN FIX THIS.


Well there is 8 from what are being told. Who of the 8 live in town none but Steve.
Who live within 15 miles of the station?
How many have shown up to calls when they were not at the station?
How many of them are trained?
How many of Steve’s members show up to training held by the county once a month?
How many are going to show up right now if we had a fire in town ie brush house or car fire?
When was the last time Steve held a meeting for all his personal?
How many of them know their way around this town?
How many of them truly care about this town when they are never here and don’t live here?
So in the end, of all this when are we going to kick Andrew out of the department and bring in real members who truly care about this town?

It’s also quite funny to hear that Andrew and his wife Dominique showed up to a call in town after hours; never called dispatch on the radio or phone to say they where enroute to the call which means he drove Light and siren from his home in lake city probably over the speed limit. Without letting anyone know he was enroute to the call so if he would have been involved in a wreck, it would have been his fault but hey at least they showed up but this is where it takes a funny turn. Apparently the patients family members told Andrew and his wife to get there Fat Ass Fire department selves out of here. Which means they were told to leave the call by the family which is freaking hilarious. I find it funny that even the town citizens are starting to see Andrew and Steve are a bunch of fakes and that they don’t even want them there. I hope more town citizens will tell Andrew’s untrained unqualified fake wanna be ass to get lost.


No no young Brazil was not there to help the fire department in anyway shape or form.  He was there because he was asked to help by one of the PD officers. He “Brazil” took it upon himself to use his pickup truck with his strap to pull the tree out of the road so that way the PD officer could go back to patrolling instead of sitting there with a down tree. He was there simply to help the town out because he knew the fire department nor Andrew or Steve would assist. From what i was told Steve was there in shorts and flip flops with no kind of PPE,  no fire truck just Steve in his pickup truck. I also was told he did leave to go get a chain saw which we all know if you would have shown up with the right equipment in the first place you would not have to leave to get it but anyways He did return with the brush truck and a chain saw He then cut the small section of the tree that was still sticking out in the road wearing only shorts an flip flops.


Steve Stith is a joke for all to see he wants to be the big dog when yet he is still a puppy. He thinks having a T-shirt that says fire fighter on it makes him one.  Sorry but you have got to put in work,  actually doing the job,  training for the job,  keeping your skills sharp to be able to perform the job which you are doing none of. You can’t sit there on you high horse an tell me this BS was not the plan from the start.  Iit very odd to me that you Steve would just all of a sudden show up at that meeting the only meeting you have attend after you quit for the second time. If funny you would show up dressed in your century uniform trying to impress everyone like you are some kind of bad ass but we all know you are a fake and a phony.  You are a gold fish swimming in a sea of sharks and i hope one day they take your head off. You step into a big shit show which now you have your air time on. To you Steve I just pray that you nor Andrew get someone killed because of your inability to do the job properly.  But first you would and your Son lil joe joe would have to show up. Take the challenge Steve an do your damn JOB.  Show up to every single call.  Train like your life and others depend on it which they do;  then maybe You might have our respect but for now you along with your man child and show puppet Stacy can kiss the asses of every single citizen in town. Pucker up buttercup


I must disagree in that I believe that the reason Stacy Tebo and crew dismantled the Fire Department under Kevin was the FD got too popular with the Town Folk. In most rural communities the Volunteer Fire Department is a highly visible cornerstone and hub of the community. They are an active and vibrant part of the area and work hard to build community comradey. By the Fire Department under Kevin doing such events as the Haunted House, BBQ’s for town residents, dinners for the firefighters, etc. and showing up the Tebo administration they became a threat. Can’t have anything get popular and strong that may exert influence over Town folk. Better to protect Andrew, bring back a do nothing Fire Chief, run off the core group of firefighters that actually lived here in Town and are now blackballed in all of Hamilton County. But boy did Columbia County FD sure wanted them and snatched them up. You are also correct Walter should have been Mayor nothing against Lofton but a newly elected individual who has never before held public office should not start out as Town Mayor. But when it is all about being able to count to 3 protect an incompetent Town Manager, uneducated and unqualified Finance Director, whatever the heck Andrew is Asst. Fire Chief/Fire Marshal/Code Enforcement/Utilities Director/??? then that is what you get! I will hold Mayor Loften to his work that if does nothing to bring economic development to the Town, or improve Town conditions don’t expect to see his name on the ballot again, but will give him a chance. “White Springs a Backwoods Mayberry with an attitude.”



He (Andrew Greene) had to use the book during his firefighter training class. He used his book during his tests and also on his final test. Instead of learning the material he just used his book along with his wife. Just goes to show you these are the ones you are counting on to show up to your house when it’s on fire. Someone who couldn’t pass a test without cheating and someone who just by the skin on his ass passed his hands on skill test Oh wait a minute he didn’t do his hands on skills test he had his buddy’s daddy sign off on them for him and his wife. Andrew never had to work hard for anything to do with the fire department.  It was all just given to him because they feel sorry for him and want him to feel special. So God forbid your home is on fire because i hate to tell you it will burn to the ground with Andrew there because he is absolutely 100% Clueless on what to do. The same can be said for his daddy number 2 the Steve Meister guy who hasn’t been in a fire in probably 20 years but hey he’s the knight in rusty armor that’s who they want so that’s who they got. Just remember this when you call 911 because your home is on fire.



In October, Assistant Chief Greene and Town Manager Tebo removed personnel access to the station’s computers required for reporting runs and other necessary information.  Taboo’s memo claimed that Greene would be taking full responsibility for the logging of paperwork and the running of reports.  Since this was enacted, Green has not performed his duties in a timely manner, often requiring members to tape reports, receipts and requests to his office door.  This attitude of poor management has sown distrust with his refusal to communicate properly.
During Hurricane Irma, several members were present at the station for up to (72) hours each to perform their needed services due to the catastrophic impact of the storm.  Greene, who is also the town Utilities Director, was not present to fulfill his duties in public works and the fire department, before or during Irma.  No contact was maintained with the department during this time and several individual members were approached by contractors, city employees and citizens attempting to contact Greene.  This was a major devaluation of Greene’s dedication to the department, as Chief Pittman was present for the entirety of the storm including preparations and cleanup efforts alongside other responders, maintaining clear communication with all members.

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