Hold tight Joe Griffin, you asked me to negotiate on your behalf with the City of White Springs with all of these facts. You simpleton dumbass are you. Six of these cases are child support, I guess only your defunk offspring are entitled, 1 case is the kidnap of my son by his father, with the help of local officials that yes I did sue, and the other cases your legal background simply didn’t teach you to look beyond the surname as they aren’t mine. However, hold tight, I promise you will have an opportunity to experience a law suit with me.

As to your reader base, I am well versed in Stand Your Ground and Castle Law so visit my home if you like and afterwards debate my interpretation.


Joe’s Comment:

This “lady” threatened Walter McKenzie as well as me. Will be interesting to see if she follows through with her threat to either one of us. The list of her arrests/suits was on the FDLE web site. Bring it on you, and I am quoting you now “You simpleton dumbass are you.” Can’t wait.


Karin’s Comment:

Bea Unfaithful; We once thought you were a nice and refined person, but what you did to Helen Miller, Anita Rivers, Nicole Williams and even Walter McKenzie will prove that you did not have a fair bone in your body.  You should have known it was a grant and not an amount guaranteed.  People tried to help you and you virtually shit on them.  You terrorize people by extorting them for money and I wouldn’t worry about our blog because we in no means have written about you like the people in Lake City Have.  You have ruined your own reputation and sending Judith from the Bed and Breakfast to see how we felt about you shows how weak you are.  You have ruined your reputation not only in Lake City but also in White Springs except for a gullible few like Judith and Spencer.  And it is mainly because of your children that she adores your family.  So stay away from us.  Stay away from the Town of White Springs.  You were given money from a grant and not even a Thank you.  A grant does not guarantee you will get the entire amount and you received $10,000; that’s a lot of money but because you did not get the additional $3,000 you decided to terrorize everyone in White Springs.  It is duly noted that Spencer Lofton likes and believes in you but as far as we citizens who heard how ungrateful you were, well, just stay away from us because we have seen the real you..

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