a message to born n raised

BnR you are a fucking joke sorry you talk shit about me an you dont know shit about me the reason you dont know shit is because i am not Born an raised here thank God for that because i probably would have turned out to be a piece of shit like you. O yeah an btw yes were are certified an yes the state did investigate thank to your little fuck boy Andrew an his bitch wife O shit guess what the state found nothing wrong they said everything was good an we did what they asked. Damn dont you feel fucking stupid being wrong all the time keep talking your shit little boy an one day someone is going to shut it for you. You call us frauds but you dont know is the only fraud is your little fuck boy Andrew and his wife try an prove me wrong they only wear a tshirt that says firefighter but they can an never will make it as a firefighter thats the reason why they got so butt hurt when the lead fire instructor not pittman but the one who was teaching the class the one the state said we had to bring in which we did said he would not sign off on his or her paperwork so if your stupid fucking ass wants to call someone a fraud then you need to call your little fuck boy Andrew and his wife frauds. Little bitch boy never been in a fire never showed up to a fire in gear never help with a fire he’s a bitch shes a bitch i dont care you knows i called them a bitch you wanna talk shit lets talk some shit you little fuck boy.

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