A brief of Last Night’s votes

Unfortunately we were busy with a number of things today, so I’ve not had a chance to report about last evenings events.   More will be written tomorrow.

First of all, there were only three councilors present Lofton, Brown and Miller.  McKenzie and Bullard did not attend either the workshop on the sewer rehabilitation nor the meeting.

The payables were not discussed and as a result, nothing was approved.

Secondly, the 2019 Chevy Pickup was not approved.  Tonja Brown made a motion.  Helen Miller was uncomfortable with voting on the new Truck since it is being purchased with restrictive Local Option Fuel Tax funds and when Stacy told Lofton that he could second the motion, Lofton refused.  Therefore the pickup is in the air so to say.

Thirdly the resolution to sell the land adjacent to Roger Greene did not pass.  Stacy apparently just pulled a number to charge Greene out of a hat and the manner in which it was handled, was wrong.

Forth, Stacy wishes to make changes to the Hamilton County Fire Department contract.  She stated by our people going to Hamilton County it is like double training(but Steve doesn’t train just fixes up paperwork for grants and the like.  Stacy said she doesn’t know why a certified firefighter needs to respond to a fallen tree.  Well it’s like this; does one know if the fallen tree hit electrical power lines.  I remember Steve Stith came in flip flops to one such fallen tree involved with electrical wiring and fortunately someone called Tom Brazil who had the right harness or strap to handle the matter…  Anyway, I may have more information but they do want the money and feel the contract has not been negotiated to assist White Springs because Mr. Land has been out due to an accident.

Anyway she wanted the Council’s support.  They however do not wish my speech.  We have not a valid fire department and I am sick of everyone covering that matter up.


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  1. Funny in the old department , well frankly the only fire department. Training was preformed not monthly but weekly. Sometimes three times a week. And it showed in their performance of duty and the pride they had. You train like you fight , because when the chips are down that’s what you fall back on. There is a big difference in getting a certificate , and earning one. Anyone can get a award for participating and passing. But only a few EARN the title FIREFIGHTER. And that’s something no one can take away. The old department personnel earned those titles. While some rode on the shirt tails of those chosen few. And it shows now and will continue to worsen. So don’t train , pad your paperwork and files. Everything looks good on paper , but in the light of day it is transparent. But when day comes and someone is looking at you for help. And you can do nothing for them, explain to their family that it is not reasonable for you too train once a month. But hey what do they know , your a firefighter.

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