Voter Corruption; Not just in Broward County but here in White Springs


History has shown us how elections are rigged in Florida, especially in Broward County.  But what about small Towns like White Springs?


Joe and I vote by absentee ballot and to assure our votes are counted, we take them directly to Jasper’s Supervisor of Elections.  That may not be a guarantee, but it provides a better chance of of our votes being counted than voting at the Library in White Springs.


Since I receive information from the “Watch” before they are published, I found something very startling in one of their articles and it related to voting, in White Springs.  After checking in with a few people who voted that day, what we found was startling.  Mayor Spencer Lofton and Vice Mayor Tonja Brown decided they would be poll workers for the recent election.  The fact that these two are extremely biased in their way of thinking and most likely, with Lofton circling the floor while voters were voting in a cramped environment, which would have not had to have been that way, causes pause.   I know that they probably in part did it for the money because the two of them are dirt poor and without Lofton’s wife, he would not have a pot to piss in.  But intimidating voters from what we have heard and helping them to vote “right” is not part of our Country’s Democracy.


So here we are.  It’s not only local elections that have been tampered with, but most likely the votes were viewed by these two corrupt Liberal officials.  If you voted for someone other than Gillum and Nelson, I wonder if your votes even made the count or if they were just thrown away in file 13.  What a group of Corrupt individuals we have in White Springs!  I could not live with myself if I was that corrupt; but Tonja and Spencer definitely do not have any moral turpitude.

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