Not from here and I thank God daily because I would not wish to be like you

Who am I? Your idiots! Shand’s at lake shore is not part nor hooked up by computer services with other real Shand’s UF etc! This is pretty much common knowledge. Your Shand’s at lake shore after hours even close the ER after a certain time and any ambulance service can’t transport to them after those hours. Lake City HCA or the medical center is the only ER open certain hours this idiot is common knowledge! Who am I? You disgusting stalking can’t handle anything unless your on your knees likes the dog you are! If you have a complaint file it I think your just pulling a train and talking gibberish . Oh Who am I?

Karin’s Comment

I am not from here to know the nuances of who belongs to whom but this was during the day idiot!!! Century did not need to be charging for ambulance service when there was none!!! Karin for the blog.

Don’t care who you are!! You have proved yourself to be disgusting.

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