1. BornandRaised says:November 4, 2019 at 8:49 pm EditWho am I? You have not a clue! You all need your mouths washed with soap with such foul hatred spewing. Griffin your just a has been that buddies up and then turns the hate against the same dang even your neighbor can’t stand your back stabbing! As for Pittman the worthless wonder that issue will take of its self. And the ankle grabbing goat boy Brazil will have also have his time come sooner than later! You think I am who? Who am I?
  2. Ill call you out your sorry sack of shit. says:November 4, 2019 at 9:11 pm look here BnR i don’t know who the fuck you think you’re talking about you dont know shit about me you might want to check yourself i ant no boy im a grown ass man thats worked harder in my life then you ever did i promise you that. You talk your shit about me but you dont have the balls to come forward i dont give a fuck who you are at this point nor do i care but you need to rethink who you start fuckin with. I ant got shit to prove to you because you are nothing but a worth shit stain. You think you’re smart an have all this great information but you have nothing just like the nothing you are. You call yourself born an raised an you think that means something special but what the hell have you done for this town what have you done for the citizens of this town what have you doen to make this town better what have you done i dont see you stepping up to the plate to help i dont see you doing anything but running your fucking mouth acting like you are sone kind of badass. Prove yourself to everyone come on out an say your name you dont have the balls you are to chicken shit.Thomas C. BrazilREPLY
  3. god4joe says:November 4, 2019 at 10:04 pm EditWho cares who you are. Not me and certainly not my good friend Dezendorf. Hidden government is just like communism or a totalitarian state. White Springs has some real problems and Walter wants to talk about tourism and you want to talk about Who you are. Who cares.I want to talk about all of the money we, meaning t he Council, have agreed to spend when we are broke. Stacy is not in charge of the money, the Council is and Walter wants to talk about the Bike Club as if that is the most important thing on the agenda. What a farce we are. Get real White Springs. Pay attention to what matters. Bikes for kids is not it.

Tired of you picking on Good young people Born and Raised

I am personally sick of you slamming Kevin Pittman when he was and is one of the best Fire Chief’s we could have ever hoped for. I am sick of you picking on Tom Brazil because he is one of the nicest and most helpful men I have known. And as to picking on Joe and I we are used to it. You say we are friends, I believe, with someone then turn around and stab them in the back. We stick up for what is right and when it isn’t right,, we make it known…so its like this, there are many acquaintances we have in White springs but insofar as friends, the number will fit one hand. What has happened with our Town in the last month does not please me and everything Mr. Jones Talks about is of ill importance and he is not taking care of the major issues, in my opinion. If the Town is that impressed with bullshit, then they are in for a rude awakening at some point because I do not believe Mr. Jones has what it takes and needs better grammar….it’s embarrassing and he had a college education What is it with the jive in White Springs? Thank god the younger people don’t talk like that! Karin for the blog


  1. BornandRaised you are a coward and no one cares who you are. You running around posting here “who am I” only shows that you have very low self esteem and need attention in order to validate yourself. I would almost feel bad for you if not for the fact that you are a complete and total Douche bag. You are obviously jealous of Mr, Pittman and Mr Brazil. Just another indicator of your low self esteem. Mr. Pittman and Mr.Brazil both care very much about White Springs and the safety of its citizens. I am good friends with both of them. If I needed anything I could call Kevin and he would be here to help. Sad that you clearly have no friends like that in your life.

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