You were doing so well….

And now we don’t know what happened. You have been going the correct direction in spite of the many difficulties the Town has had but something has changed since Anita has joined the council and you have been rid of the “Gang of Thugs”. It seems as if you are back to what you have done as mayor previously, saying one thing and doing another, not taking into account what your constituents may want and not following the sunshine laws

Yes you hired Tommie Jones and I understand what you are attempting to do is have a part-time manager and we agree to that fact because I do not believe White Springs has ever needed a full time manager. But you cannot change the charter and have the council working to find out what other cities do because right now the Charter Stands and Tommie Jones is our Town Manager. Suggestions for changes may go into the 2020 ballot and a committee should be working on that and if the changes you desire are passed in 2020 then those changes may be implemented to a STRONG MAYOR FORM OF GOVERNMENT but not today and not tomorrow. Tommie Jones based upon the council/manager form of government is the “Top Dog” and has the powers given Town Managers in the Charter, whether you call him interim, temporary, or whatever.

Initially I had hoped that Tommie could have also taken over the Water/Wastewater Facilities like Townsend did but I am not certain that will come to pass since, it was a long time ago when he was licensed and probably was trained while in prison…so even though Joe provided him all of the books/workbooks, etc., that is something you and he will have to decide. I am certain he has more experience than those we currently have in those areas but in order to be a town manager and a water/wastewater operator he needs to be licensed and I do not know if you have spoken to him about it.

Some of us are really pulling for you to become the Helen we have come to know in the last four years, rather than reverting to what you were prior to that. You need to communicate your plans and perhaps people will understand and listen, but currently it seems like everything has turned into a clusterf&%k. So we unfortunately cannot give you accolades at this time and can only hope for the best. Please whatever you do, we need our fire department back. I know you told me you can’t do everything at one time, but this is a very important item.

Karin for the blog

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  1. Karin you say one thing and criticize the other. You are critical of Helen and accuse her of violating the Town Charter, then want the Council to bring Kevin Ptiman back. Well under the Charter they can’t. The Town Manager has hiring and firing authority over Town Departments. So the Council brings in Mr. Jones, as an temporary interum Town Manager, who can bring Pitman back and you immediately start attacking him rather than giving the man a chance. Your making smart comments that he perhaps got all his training in water and waste water in prison is undignified for you. The only clusterf&%k is the anonymous cowards that use this blog to complain, criticize and cast dispersions, yet offer nothing productive. Helen nor the Council has the power to snap their fingers and fix what took years for the Manager and previous Council to break and will take time to fix.

    Under Ordinance 04-01 (A) (1) Section 2.05 Special Meetings The mayor, or any 2 Council Members, with 24-hours notice to the other Council Members can call a Special Meeting. So the meeting scheduled for Wed Oct 30 is not a violation of the Town Charter as some have suggested.

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