You may not like what I have to say but I feel Gillum is the equivalent to Spencer Lofton and I sure as heck will not be voting for him

Black Voters who are completely ignorant of what it takes to have a booming economy and the ability to have a job that will provide for your family, will vote for someone who is Black.  The people in White Springs have voted for Tonja Brown, Willie Jefferson and now Spencer Lofton, even though each of these individuals along with their Democratic counterpart Rhett Bullard, don’t have a clue in how to bring real prosperity to the people.


Let’s talk about Andrew Gillum, who is running for Governor for the State of Florida.  Well he is “Black” and he is good looking, so I guess, based on that, those who are ignorant of what is going on in America and in Florida will vote for Gillum.


Governor Scott, when he was running for governor I remember, had a business plan which outlined each and every area of Florida Government that required change in order to bring prosperity to Florida.  He accomplished each and every one of these challenges and more, Just like Donald Trump is accomplishing so many more changes so that our Nation is prosperous.  But oh, no, Gillum has no real plan in his brochures except for the following:  Just because you hate Trump, and wish to remain ignorant of Trump’s achievements since he has been in office,  doesn’t mean you have to cut your nose to spite your face!


He states he will support raising the minimum wage, expanding state apprenticeships and ensuring corporations pay their fair share in taxes.  This shows he does not have any idea of “Economics” and is totally ignorant of what makes wages go up.  A minimum wage is for those who just start a job and it is assumed they, after experience will move up to secure a better job which will provide them more money. Some of these slackards who just wish to flip burgers make more than our military and you wish to increase their wage?  By just increasing the Minimum Wage, employers, especially those who are not “large” business owners will not be able to keep all their workers employed and we will have many people out of jobs again; just like when Obama was president.   


Businesses which receive a high business tax will leave the State of Florida for another State which does not have high taxes.  What liberals don’t understand is the fact that if Businesses do not earn a profit and are continually taxed, will not provide employees with a higher wage, promotions, better benefits and even apprenticeships because the Government is overtaxing them.  We instead will have a bad economy in Florida, just as we had in the nation under President Obama who some thought good looking and even though he was a White and a Black, they were so happy they had a Black President that they did not realize our economy went down the toilet as our Town of White Springs is going under our illustrious Mayor’s watch in White Springs.  Before you tell me  I am wrong, start reading information about economics and understand that if businesses thrives, workers will thrive as will the economy in the whole.  This BS about increasing Business Taxes makes Gillum another ignorant Black Liberal.


Next Gillum mentioned he is fighting for higher starting salaries for teachers, investing in our schools and ending the culture of high-stakes testing.  Even in White Springs Rex Mitchell is providing vocational schooling as part of the high school curriculum.  Because of the manner in which Teachers enjoyed tenure, many were working while others with more experience and who were better educators, but who did not have tenure, remained unemployed while Teachers with Tenure who were not as good, remained employed.  Personally, I believe in Charter Schools and Schools run like what Rex Mitchell is doing as Superintendent of Schools.  Getting rid of this “high-stakes testing” is ridiculous, when such high stakes testing is necessary for the advancement of students who wish to make something of themselves, not just letting students get by, because these liberal ideas, which are now in many colleges, do not allow the graduate to even find a decent job to advance in their life.  They might as well just go back to flipping burgers.  Part of the Trump program through Betsy Voss is to give students better opportunities and more choices, but Gillum, like most liberals, do not wish to give President Trump credit for all the wonderful things he has done for this country, because he cannot be owned by unions, and lobbyists, but rather is his own man fighting for our nation to be Great Again.  


This is what Gillum said about President TrumpWe’ve got a crazy man in the White House. Not only is he a danger to the country and the world, he is a danger to himself,” he said during the campaigning.  I guess Gillum doesn’t understand that neither ICE nor impeachment are part of the governor’s job description  And it shows how Ignorant Andrew Gillum really is. 


People are better off today than they ever have been in decades and we can Thank President Donald Trump not only for that but for his negotiations with North Korea, to keep us safe and for his ability to secure fairness and equality by other Nations paying their fair share through the United Nations as well as fighting bad trade deals.  Gillum in my estimation is another blowhard just like our Mayor Lofty and he, Gillum, has never improved Tampa in any way since he has been Mayor.


Last but not least, Gillum, wishes to expand access to health care for Floridians and defend protections for people with pre-existing conditions.  Gillum also doesn’t have a clue about insurance nor did Obama.  Pre-existing conditions was not the problem that caused insurance to go up, but rather if you have insurance with pre-existing conditions, you can change insurers with a guarantee of pre-existing conditions….otherwise if you have not previously been insured you have to wait six or twelve months for that clause to fall in.  At least, that was the way it was before Obamacare. 


What President Obama screwed up was the fact that Insurance Companies cannot have open limits…meaning many had limits of $500,000 and if higher limits were required, the insurer would cancel your policy because it could not be provided without additional reinsurance or some kind of excess policy. 

That is the same with all liability policies including your automobile insurance, whereby there is a limit of liability which you choose.  You are not given an open limit.  The fact that there is no limit on the amount of health insurance benefits one gets since Obamacare has caused this increase in premium in a greater part by the government
.  Plus the fact that after 74 years of age, if someone goes to the emergency room, they have to secure prior permission to receive treatment which is a crock by President Obama against senior citizens. I guess if someone is that age they can just die per the liberal democrats.  So Gillum, you are not the proponent of anything relating to insurance.  Tell your Democratic Representatives and Senators to work with the Republican Party with expertise from Insurance Professionals, but you certainly are not that professional to listen to.


Gillum is an unabashed champion of his party’s most progressive ideas — including things like Medicare-for-all-single payer health system, abolishing the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and impeaching President Donald Trump. This proves he is a nut case because we have not had a president as great as Donald Trump in the White House since the Reagan years and Trump is accomplishing more than Reagan even did.  If you have Medicare for everyone, that will solve nothing but to bankrupt Medicare after Medicare has been depleted by all Democratic presidents to balance the budget since President Johnson and President Obama took billions of dollars from Medicare to fund Obamacare…and look at what it has done to the premium cost…plus the coverage which was meant for Seniors has been depleted.
 Furthermore the cost most Seniors have today for Medicare will go up and in order to not have to pay the 20% coinsurance on Medicare, Seniors will not be able to afford a supplement and separate drug coverage, which will take them right into bankruptcy if everyone is included.  That certainly will not assist Seniors who have worked all of their life to receive a benefit when they no longer are able to work.  That’s what most radical liberal socialists want today.  No wonder many of the more sane democrats wonder what has happened to the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy.  These radicals today wish to tear everything apart and use violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  In fact Bill Clinton was the last Democrat I voted for.  He had great ideas for the country, similar to those of Donald Trump but unfortunately never implemented a one.


The democrats of today may as well say they are from the “Communism” party because the Socialism they profess will ruin our nation and everyone will end up in poverty.  Plus our children will not have the same opportunities as we have had to get ahead and become successful because we have so many ignorant people who cannot understand by doing the horrid things they are doing today will put us back as a third world nation instead of the great country we are.


But of course radical liberals wish to remove confederate flags and cry poor me because the Blacks were slaves.  Not only Blacks were slaves, but White people as well and that is history which needs to remain so that such things do not happen again. The Republican Party was the only party who stood up for the Blacks and for Gillum trying to cause problems for the NRA shows he is not too bright.  The NRA was formulated after slavery was abolished and for and on behalf of the “Black” population so that they would be able to protect themselves against the Klan as well as others who sought to hurt them or their families.  It is the Democratic party who keeps you on Welfare and on drugs because you are more compliant in that manner.  Yes, if you do not believe me, start reading up on your history.  If someone said, “you will no longer receive welfare” unless you take a drug test; I would believe the Democratic Party would be concerned about improving the lives of all people.  If drug tests were taken and one was positive, then there would be no welfare until they received help and secured a job to better their lives.


Per CNN, Andrew Gillum’s campaign is demanding television stations in Florida to stop running an ad paid for by the Republican Party that directly ties Gillum to an active FBI investigation. Andrew Gillum has been scrutinized for a trip to Costa Rica with longtime lobbyist buddies. He said he did nothing wrong and paid his share of the cost.  But here again we have a man who will be run by “Lobbyists” and is unlike Trump, in that he, Gillum, is out for himself and doesn’t care about the people of this State; only what his lobbyists can give him since they know he will beholding since he does not have his own stash of money without them.


The Florida Republican Party echoed the president in its own Twitter statement, calling him “a failed socialist mayor who remains under investigation by the FBI in a public corruption case. It’s clear Andrew Gillum is not who Florida needs as our next leader.”


According to the story by Steve Stewart, FBI agents posing as developers made payments to Andrew Gillum’s brother, Marcus Gillum, as part of an effort to show they were seeking business with the city of Tallahassee.“The payments were said to be in the thousands of dollars per month,” Stewart wrote. “The length of the engagement was not known.”


“I’ve been elected for 15 years without so much as a smidgen of a stain on my public record,” Gillum said in a pre-primary interview. “I’m confident that I’ve done nothing wrong. Nothing unethical and nothing illegal.”   To me this sounds like Spencer Lofton, Tonja Brown and Rhett Bullard.  After a while they all believe their lies.
He acknowledged Republicans would attack him — and he countered that they stand alongside Trump, “who is devoid of any sense of morals.”  Since when is Gillum the judge of morals.  Donald J. Trump doesn’t profess “God” every time he is out in the open but he is a more devout Christian than most I see, including Gillum. It is what you do to others and not what you say which is important and Donald Trumps is a devout Presbyterian plus the Evangelicals believe in him.  Since when does Gillum have the right to judge another and frankly, I am so tired of the Liberal lies that I am not about to stop fighting against them.


On CNN, he said his message to voters was that people should “measure me on my merit, my actions, my qualifications for the position.” He said anyone who’s committed wrongdoing should be held accountable.  But isn’t Gillum accountable?  Did he have such an ego during his 15 year tenure as mayor that he did not realize what illegal things were being done under his mayor-ship.  He apparently is not a leader because a leader hones up to the fact that they are in charge, and anything happening during that charge imputes to them or him. But that is the Democratic way these days, blame someone else for your own inabilities.


“Marcus Gillum’s name has surfaced in relation to the federal investigation several times,” “Most notably he was mentioned in public reports as part of a group that vacationed in New York in August 2016. The group included FBI agents posing as developers, Adam Corey, and Mayor Andrew Gillum. Adam Corey, the former campaign treasurer to Mayor Andrew Gillum, is a central figure in the federal investigation and, at the time of the New York Trip, was a city [lobbyist] and a city vendor.”


Much of the mainstream coverage of Gillum’s historic victory, though, includes a passing reference to a potential blemish on his political résumé: an ongoing public corruption case involving his home town, a city he has led since 2014. As the Washington Post put it, “Gillum has faced questions about an FBI investigation that appears to be focused on Tallahassee city government.” The New York Times, likewise, nodded at the potential scandal in its main story without going into detail. Gillum struggled to raise money early in his campaign, the paper notes, “as donors worried about an FBI investigation into City Hall corruption.”


“We pulled that document down and it showed at least an accusation of one of my colleagues having taken money potentially in exchange for a set of votes on something that came before the commission,” Gillum said. “This is the government’s argument and we have yet to hear the other side of the argument and he is entitled to that.”


No charges have been filed, and attorneys for Maddox and Carter-Smith have said both will be vindicated.
“I urge everybody not to rush to judgment when only one side of the story is being told – and that is a very slanted and biased version by the FBI,” Stephen Dobson, an attorney for Maddox has said.


“The concerning part is there was a reason they were there. They thought they could potentially sniff out a situation where people were making inappropriate or illegal decisions,” Gillum said “It is now clear to me this investigation has zeroed in on a colleague of mine, which I deeply regret, and maybe some other individuals” Yet is not Gillum responsible for what is happening under his watch.  Obviously if he is not watching the money as Mayor of Tallahassee, he sure as heck will not watch the money of the State of Florida.


Among other things, Gillum also talked about an ex-convict brother who wound up building up a successful business and hiring ex-cons after he got turned down for one job after another. He talked about his position “banning the box,” prohibiting the city from asking about an applicant’s criminal background.


He energizes Democratic audiences with his charismatic presence and soaring rhetoric.winning the contest with 34.3 percent of the vote means 65.7 percent of his own party’s voters picked someone else.


Gillum is an unabashed champion of his party’s most progressive ideas — including things like Medicare-for-all-single payer health system, abolishing the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and impeaching President Donald Trump. This makes Gillum a real crazy.  After all, most of us realized President Obama was taking our country down the toilet with his Muslim Communistic beliefs but we never called him names like these radical liberals call Donald Trump names.  And it is because none of these crazies ever did anything good in their lives and they now try to blame Donald Trump for their own inadequacies instead of facing these inadequacies and ignorance of their own.


Gillum has challenged the National Rifle Association, welcomed Syrian refugees to his city and supported same-sex marriage before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of it. Many Florida activists from the party’s most liberal, or progressive, wing supported Gillum.  Obviously the Syrian refugees received money and lodging from the City of Tampa, but what about our own homeless and veterans?  Oh, that’s right, Progressive Liberals don’t care about our own legal citizens, only illegal aliens, that will give them a vote.


He also enjoyed support from leading national progressives, who provided his effort with money and publicity. Among them, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the unsuccessful candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination; NextGen America and its main funder, California billionaire Tom Steyer; and People for the American Way founder and TV producer Norman Lear.


Steyer’s group invested heavily in a campaign infrastructure to boost Gillum, something he couldn’t do himself. NextGen deployed field organizers to targeted precincts for the painstaking work of door-to-door advertising and invested in digital and direct mail advertising targeting 350,000 likely or sporadic Democratic primary voters, mostly women and African-Americans.


He grew up in Richmond Heights in Miami-Dade County with working class parents who struggled to make ends meet. His mother was a school bus driver and worked pressing clothes at a dry cleaner. His father was a construction worker who, when there wasn’t work, sold fruits and vegetables or set up across from the cemetery on Saturday mornings to sell flowers.  Why is it that Blacks like Gillum always have to prove that they struggled.  It is not just blacks and many Whites have suffered poverty as well and many of us had to succeed on our own without help which many of the “Blacks” receive but which we have not as White or Asians.


“Andrew Gillum has ties to an active criminal investigation. Gillum took possible illegal trips with lobbyists to New York and Costa Rica. More controversy concerning Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum. Gillum approved millions in grants for those same lobbyists. An ongoing corruption probe. Now Gillum refuses to disclose who has paid him.


It appears unlikely that law enforcement will announce the results of their investigation before the Nov. 6 election,
The investigation started in 2015, when FBI agents posed as businessmen identifying themselves as Mike SweetsMike Miller and Brian Butler. They spent months schmoozing city officials and those around them. The undercover agents said they wanted to invest in properties if they could get public funding.
In June 2017, FBI agents delivered a subpoena to Tallahassee City Hall requesting thousands of pages of records from key players in city government. The records related to top local developers behind projects subsidized by the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency. The FBI issued more subpoenas through May 2018, and the city has turned over about 200,000 records.
Among those named in the subpoenas is Adam Corey, a lobbyist-restaurateur. This is the part of the ad that says “Gillum approved millions in grants for those same lobbyists.”
In 2013, the city voted to give more than $2.1 million in public funds to renovate the Edison, a restaurant project Corey co-owns. But the ad omits that Gillum wasn’t alone in his support — other city commissioners joined him in voting for the project in a city-owned building. A July 2013vote in favor of the project passed unanimously, while the commission voted 4-1 on an additional motion in December 2013.


During the December meeting, Gillum asked the city attorney if he had any conflict voting on the item since Corey, a friend since college, had been his volunteer campaign treasurer. He proceeded with the vote after the attorney said he had no conflict.


In 2017, Gillum cut off ties with Corey when he found out about Corey’s involvement in the FBI probe.


 “There is no FBI probe of Gillum,” Richard said. “The only connection is the FBI asked him some questions in his home and told him he wasn’t the focus.”  Isn’t that nice.  However, when President Trump has been blamed for Russian collusion, the investigation goes on even though no one has found collusion.


Steven R. Andrews, a Tallahassee attorney representing the city’s former manager — who testified before the federal grand jury — told Politico he believes Gillum is in the clear. Prosecutors never asked his client about the mayor, Andrews said.


The Republicans’ evidence that Gillum has “ties to an active criminal investigation” stems from a September 2018 Politico article. The article stated that Gillum’s driving records are tied to an “active criminal investigation” and can’t be released unredacted by the state, according to an audit housed with the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles.


GIllum’s lawyer told Politico that the government agencies frequently cite this statute when any information is redacted.


Politico subsequently reported that the designation does not mean Gillum is the target of an investigation, but his records are tied to some form of ongoing probe.
‘Gillum took possible illegal trips with lobbyists to New York and Costa Rica.’
The Republicans were somewhat careful here because they used the phrase “possible illegal trips.” At this point, there has been no finding that Gillum’s trips with lobbyists broke any laws, though ethics watchdogs said the trip blurs the lines between friendship and business.


A local businessman who is a frequent city hall critic filed complaintswith the state ethics commission against Gillum related to these trips. Erwin Jackson alleged that Gillum may have violated ethics laws that prohibit public officials from accepting or soliciting gifts from lobbyists and vendors. Gillum has met with the state ethics investigator, but the matter is not expected to be resolved before the election.


In May 2016, Gillum and his wife vacationed with Corey and lobbyist Sean Pittman at a $1,400-a-night luxury resort on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Gillum has described the trip as a vacation for his wife’s birthday where they stayed with about 10 people.


Gillum has said he paid $400 in cash for his and his wife’s share of their four-night stay.
Gillum’s staff said that the trip was personal in nature, but Corey sent Gillum a calendar invite during the trip for a meeting between himself, Gillum and the undercover FBI agent Mike Miller, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.


In August 2016, Gillum attended a conference in New York City on behalf of the People for the American Way Foundation, a nonprofit that employed Gillum. At the end of the trip, Gillum hung out with Corey and two undercover agents posing as businessmen and they took a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty and watched the musical “Hamilton.”


Earlier in the year, the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency unanimously voted to include more properties in a redevelopment zone, including some that Miller, the undercover agent, had his eye on. But Gillum was absent for that vote.
‘Now Gillum refuses to disclose who has paid him.’


There is no evidence that Gillum received any illegal infusion of cash to pay for the trips, though news reporters have pressed Gillum’s campaign to provide more evidence to document that he paid for the trips.


After Gillum met with a state ethics investigator in early September, the campaign released a poorly redacted bank statement among invoices and receipts related to his trips.


The bank statement included a $15,000 deposit into his personal checking account, the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald reported. Richard told PolitiFact that the deposit was a transfer from Gillum’s savings account to his checking account.
On the same page was an entry showing a $400 cash withdrawal that the campaign says was cash Gillum used to pay for his lodging in Costa Rica. Richard told PolitiFact that Gillum — while under oath — told the state ethics investigator that when he arrived in Costa Rica, he asked Corey what his lodging cost would be including any tips. Corey told him it would be about $400, so Gillum paid him that amount.


Christopher Kise, an attorney representing Corey, disputed Gillum’s account in an interview with the Associated Press. He said that Corey won the Costa Rica lodging through a charity auction and “to date Mr. Corey has not received any cash from the mayor.”


A lawyer for the Gillum campaign wrote a letter to TV stations urging them to take the ad down. The letter says there is no basis to state that anyone paid Gillum


I frankly do not care how handsome, or charismatic a person may be whether Black, White, Asian, Hispanic or Indian.  If they are ignorant and they are not considering the economy and making Florida Great, no mater what their ethnicity, I will not vote for them.  And this is what I believe of Andrew Gillum.  He’s another pretty face with an ego of desiring to be the first “Black” governor, but if he wins, he will try to bring Socialism to the masses and doesn’t have the first clue of what is necessary to retain the great economy and low employment rate Governor Scott has retained even during the Obama years..


So, I’m certain each of you Black People, especially in White Springs,  will not hesitate to vote for Gillum because he is “Black” and he is “Handsome” but does he have the ability to run a state after not doing so well in Tallahassee?  Well I do not believe so.  At least his opponent  Ron Desantis understands that ICE is important; that “Standing your Ground is important” and that the NRA is important.  We do not wish a communistic socialist government where Floridians will receive a one Billion dollar Tax hike, increasing the state corporate taxes so we lose all of our businesses.
Gillum even trashed Putnam as a Racist for opposing Sanctuary Cities.  Does Gillum not understand what these illegal aliens who are criminals have done to the United States and how much it has cost the Citizens?  I guess he does not and is just another ignorant black like Spencer Lofton, who is a racist with a big ego



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