Why I (Karin) have no respect for the lady

I can be blamed for what was placed on the blog about Stacy Tebo but it was all factual. Was I to accept the lies that she placed in the Rivers deposition about us such as she was afraid Joe would come in with a gun which he does not own or that we were part of a gang with Helen Miller? Joe initially tried to help her too like TJJ but obviously no good deed goes unpunished. Anyway a good supervisor tries to work out things with their employees before firing them but that is not the way Tebo operates.

I really became upset with three main issues one of which has hurt this Town immensely and that is the firing or removal of Kevin Pittman. He cared about White Springs and he had everyone follow stringent standard operating procedures. We felt safe and then Ms. Tebo gave him five minutes to look at complaints which in my opinion were not even valid. Removing the best Fire Department we ever had is a reason for me to be upset with Ms. Tebo. Furthermore, giving Mr. Greene the Fire SUV for his personal use was beyond the pale and rehiring Stith really did me in. We’ll see how the Commission on ethics rules on this matter.

Secondly, a contract employee has no right to make accusations against a council member. It should have been one or more councilors and not the Town Manager. As a result we had to use thousands of dollars to defend Stacy Tebo or provide a defense for her to go after Miller. Apparently the other councilors did not have the gonads to go after Helen Miller themselves so they used Tebo to do it and used the money from the Town coffers saying there was no limit on legal expenses.

Thirdly was the case of Kenny Hutcherson being paid for two years while he was unable to work when he should have been on Medicare and Social Security Disability. It would not have been as bad had the council approved it but no one approved it except apparently Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson.

I very much believe in our former fire department and what was done was wrong. Insofar as the Miller and Rivers situations, Stacy not only hurt the Citizens of White Springs by the money we had to spend to defend her but frankly, she was the one who deposed that she was taking Percoset, an opioid for which we do not know whether she had a prescription….and the weird thing is that she gave totally different information to DeBary in her deposition there…so what is one to believe? She obviously also had a lying problem and that is what we were pointing out on our blog.

So yes, we know we were in the den of the Camel Club and yes we know how much everyone in this town hates us obviously, but doing the right thing is important to me whether it is sticking up for a Camel Club member who has no respect for us or a former employee which we felt was not treated fairly. So if that is our mistake and we are considered stupid for it, so be it. We felt we did what was right at the time and whether that turns around and bites us in the butt now, doesn’t matter. We can live with our decisions and sleep at night because we felt they were within the law and within our quest to assist this town.

And also not withstanding the fact that Stacy Tebo filed an injunction on us using Town Hall as her home address so Joe could not enter Town Hall and furthermore she had Hatton try to collect money from us that twice had been paid to the town with one return…..so I do not have respect for the lady and I am not sorry to say that.

Yes she can walk out with her head held high only because TJJ may be a worst manager than she when it comes to Lying, but the lies and the fact that our financial situation is so horrid is on Ms. Tebo, unless she wants to come out with the truth against Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton making those decisions for her.

Karin for the blog

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